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Democrats Divided Over Biden's Candidacy Amid Concerns over his Ability to Win

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The Democratic Party is facing internal divisions over President Joe Biden's candidacy, as doubts emerge about his age, mental acuity, and chances of winning a second term. While prominent Democrats have voiced their support for Biden, some lawmakers are calling on him to step aside, citing the high stakes and the real threat of losing to Donald Trump.

Concerns about Biden's leadership have been heightened by ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine. Despite surviving a challenge from within his party, Biden still faces questions about his ability to withstand the rigors of the campaign trail and avoid further verbal stumbles.

Nancy Pelosi, a long-time supporter of Biden, has suggested that he make a quick decision on whether to run for re-election, while other Democrats publicly express doubts about his suitability as a candidate. As the debate over Biden's candidacy continues, the fight for control of the House of Representatives has taken on new importance for Democrats, who fear losing both the White House and Congress.

The Biden campaign appears to be employing a strategy of running out the clock, resisting pressure to end his re-election bid and hoping to exhaust Democrats and rally support behind him. With concerns mounting and calls for Biden to step aside increasing, the future of his candidacy remains uncertain.

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World news | The Guardian
10. Juli 2024 um 10:21

First Thing: Democrats torn over Biden amid concern over whether he can win

Congressional Democrats appear torn over whether President Joe Biden should remain the party's nominee, with concerns deepening over his age, mental acuity, and ability to win the White House for a second term. While most prominent Democrats have affirmed their support for Biden, some lawmakers have called on him to step aside, citing the high stakes and real threat. Biden delivered a forceful speech at the NATO summit, stating that the alliance is stronger than ever, but the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the devastating Russian missile strikes in Ukraine continue to raise concerns about his leadership.
World news | The Guardian
10. Juli 2024 um 13:00

Joe Biden might have pulled off a great escape – but the curtains can come down anytime

Despite doubts about his age and mental acuity, President Joe Biden appears to have survived a challenge from within the Democratic party to his candidacy. While some Democrats privately called for him to abandon his campaign, Biden has secured the support of key congressional caucuses and party leaders, who have rallied behind him as the party's nominee against Donald Trump in the upcoming election. However, concerns remain about Biden's ability to withstand the rigors of the campaign trail and avoid further verbal stumbles that could undermine his candidacy.
EL PAÍS: el periódico global
10. Juli 2024 um 15:32

Nancy Pelosi Says Biden Should Make Quick Decision on Whether to Run for Reelection

Pelosi suggests that Biden should decide quickly about his candidacy, although he has already announced it. Some Democrats question whether Biden is the right candidate, after his disastrous performance in a debate. Clooney and Stephanopoulos have withdrawn their support, doubting his ability. However, Biden has shown himself to be firmly committed, taking advantage of the NATO summit to demonstrate his worth. Pelosi considers Biden a "great president" with the overwhelming support of the Democratic congressional group, and says that everyone should unite behind his decision. Biden stated that it is time to end the debate about his candidacy, and that his job is to defeat Donald Trump, but a Democratic congressman said they are not even in the same book. Biden considered it a success to be able to give a press conference without mishaps, but he failed to counteract the bad image of the debate in an interview. Pelosi put her finger on the sore spot by questioning whether Biden's intervention in the debate was an episode or a condition.
New York Times - Politics
10. Juli 2024 um 16:58

Pelosi Suggests That Biden Should Reconsider Decision to Stay in the Race

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that President Biden should reconsider his decision to run for re-election, citing concerns that his candidacy could cost Democrats the White House and Congress. However, Pelosi said Biden should delay any announcement about his future until after the NATO summit he is hosting this week, noting that "time is running short" for him to make a decision.


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