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Democratic Party Divided: Biden's Candidacy Sparks Internal Debate

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Despite mounting concerns within the Democratic Party about President Biden's age, mental acuity, and electability, Democratic leaders continue to publicly support him while facing deep internal divisions. Biden is defiantly asserting his intention to remain the nominee, portraying pressure for him to step aside as an establishment scheme.

Following a crisis meeting, uncertainty prevails among lawmakers regarding Biden's suitability for a second term, with some calling for his withdrawal. Black women, a key support base for Biden, stand by him, dismissing calls for abandonment and emphasizing voter engagement.

While prominent Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorse Biden's re-election bid, some party members are urging him to quit, highlighting party disarray and a potential rift. Despite a lackluster debate performance, Biden's polling damage has been less severe than anticipated, but concerns persist about his competitiveness against Trump and his overall ability to garner support.

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New York Times - Politics
9. Juli 2024 um 22:33

Democrats, Swallowing Fears About Biden’s Candidacy, Remain Behind Him

Congressional Democrats have expressed grave concerns about President Biden's age, mental acuity, and ability to win re-election, but they remain unwilling to push him aside for now. Despite the doubts, Democratic leaders have publicly pledged their allegiance to Biden, though they appear deeply fractured on the issue behind closed doors.
New York Times - Politics
9. Juli 2024 um 13:51

How Biden Is Leveraging His Defiance to Try to Stem Democratic Defections

President Biden is firmly asserting that he will remain the Democratic nominee, delivering a defiant message to potential critics within his party. He has made multiple public and private statements reaffirming his intention to run, aiming to discourage any defections that could damage the party's chances against Donald Trump. Biden is framing the pressure to step aside as an elite establishment ploy rather than a reflection of grassroots concerns about his age and acuity.
n-tv.de Politik
9. Juli 2024 um 18:44

Confusion after crisis meeting: Biden's candidacy poses a dilemma for Democrats - n-tv.de

After a meeting of Democratic members of Congress on the political future of US President Joe Biden, some lawmakers expressed disillusionment. There is uncertainty in the party as to whether Biden is suitable for a second term. Some lawmakers doubt Biden's fitness and suitability as a presidential candidate, while others stand behind him. The coming days could be crucial as to whether leading Democrats join the call for Biden to withdraw.
New York Times - U.S.
9. Juli 2024 um 16:52

After Propelling Biden in 2020, Black Women Aren’t Eager to Abandon Him Now

Black women remain a strong base of support for President Biden despite concerns over his debate performance. They have publicly dismissed calls for him to step aside, arguing that the focus on this issue is distracting from efforts to motivate and convince voters. Black women have been the Democratic Party's most reliable voting bloc, with over 91% supporting Biden in 2020, and they continue to be his most stalwart constituency despite a broader slippage of support among Black voters.


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