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Biden's Determination Amid Calls for Replacement and Trump's Return to Campaign Trail

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Amid growing concerns over his debate performance and age, President Biden has reaffirmed his commitment to running for re-election, despite pressure from some Democratic lawmakers urging him to step down. Biden warned that talk of replacing him undermines the party's chances to defeat Donald Trump, as he asserts himself as the best candidate for the job.

Trump, on the other hand, has returned to the campaign trail in Florida, criticizing Biden's ability to govern for another term. Polls indicate Biden's diminishing popularity post-debate, with calls for his withdrawal in favor of candidates like Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton.

Biden's reliance on detailed instructions for basic tasks has also raised questions about his fitness for office, prompting discussions about the need for practical solutions within the Democratic Party.

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World news | The Guardian
8. Juli 2024 um 20:00

Biden warns Democrats talk of replacing him helps Donald Trump – US politics live

President Biden sent a letter to Democratic lawmakers, reaffirming his commitment to running for re-election despite concerns over his debate performance and ability to serve. He warned that talk of replacing him undermines the party's ability to defeat Donald Trump. Biden acknowledged the concerns raised but insisted he is the best candidate to beat Trump, noting he had defeated primary challengers. He urged Democrats to come together and focus on defeating Trump in the upcoming election.
New York Times - Politics
9. Juli 2024 um 02:27

Biden Tells Members of Congress He is ‘Firmly Committed’ to Staying in the Race

President Biden has firmly committed to staying in the race, despite pressure from some congressional Democrats who believe he should step down. In a letter to congressional Democrats, Biden reiterated his determination to beat Donald Trump, arguing that denying the primary process would be undemocratic.
World news | The Guardian
9. Juli 2024 um 09:54

First Thing: ‘Challenge me,’ Biden says as more Democrats urge president to quit race

Biden came out swinging in an unscheduled interview, challenging Democrats who don't think he should run to challenge him at the convention. However, his position among congressional Democrats has eroded further, with increasing numbers urging him to step aside. Polls show 74% of voters think Biden is too old to be effective, and Biden v Trump polls have widened slightly since the debate.
News - South China Morning Post
9. Juli 2024 um 12:54

Trump returns to campaign trail as vice-president deadline looms, amid calls for Biden to withdraw | South China Morning Post

Former President Donald Trump is returning to the campaign trail in his home state of Florida, rallying voters at his golf resort as Democrats face tough calls over President Joe Biden's re-election chances. Trump appears in no rush to announce his running mate, as much of the attention is still centered on questions about Biden's ability to govern for another term. Some Democrats have called for Biden to step down as their presumptive nominee following his poor debate performance, but Trump argues he is stronger than the 81-year-old Biden.


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