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Microsoft's Decision to Resign from OpenAI's Board Amid Antitrust Concerns

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Microsoft has chosen to step down from its observer position on OpenAI's board due to concerns raised by competition authorities in the EU, UK, and the US regarding potential market dominance in the AI sector. Despite being the primary investor in OpenAI, Microsoft's withdrawal aligns with increased regulatory pressure and investigations on both sides of the Atlantic.

The decision coincides with Apple also opting to engage with OpenAI as a stakeholder rather than maintaining an observer role on the board. Amid growing antitrust scrutiny, OpenAI plans to establish a new approach involving regular stakeholder meetings with key partners and investors like Microsoft and Apple.

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10. Juli 2024 um 14:30

Microsoft and Apple Withdraw from OpenAI's Board of Directors

Microsoft and Apple have withdrawn from OpenAI's board of directors. Microsoft has stepped down from its observer member position on the OpenAI board after about eight months. Apple has also relinquished its observer position on the board. OpenAI is developing a new approach to engage and interact with its key strategic partners and investors, such as Microsoft and Apple. This new approach will include regular stakeholder meetings.
New York Times - Technology
10. Juli 2024 um 20:45

Microsoft Surrenders OpenAI Board Position

Microsoft has given up its seat on OpenAI's board, relinquishing a nonvoting position it gained late last year. The tech giant will remain the largest investor in OpenAI, with a 49% stake, and has committed to invest $13 billion in the AI company. Microsoft's decision coincides with European and U.S. regulators' examination of its ties to OpenAI, as they are concerned about how dominant companies could block smaller competitors from gaining access to AI technology.
10. Juli 2024 um 18:08

Microsoft Ditches OpenAI Board Observer Seat Amid Regulatory Scrutiny

Microsoft has decided to give up its board observer seat at OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, amid regulatory scrutiny over the tech giant's influence. Apple also plans to focus on meeting with OpenAI as a stakeholder rather than taking an observer role on the board. OpenAI will establish a new engagement approach by hosting regular stakeholder meetings with partners like Microsoft and Apple, as well as investors.
10. Juli 2024 um 13:57

Turnaround: Apple apparently not after all on the OpenAI board of directors | heise online

Apple apparently will not receive an observer position on the board of directors of OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT. Microsoft is also withdrawing from the supervisory board. The decisions are related to growing antitrust scrutiny in the EU and the USA, which fear too close ties between the tech giants and AI startups. Instead, OpenAI plans to hold regular meetings with key partners and investors.


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