2024-07-10 09:03:31

Trump Returns to Campaign Trail Amid Calls for Biden to Withdraw: The VP Deadline Looms

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Former President Donald Trump reemerges on the campaign trail in Florida, focusing on rallying voters and scrutinizing President Joe Biden's re-election prospects. While Trump delays announcing his running mate, attention remains on concerns about Biden's capacity to lead for another term.

Amid calls for Biden to step down following a lackluster debate performance, Trump asserts his strength compared to the 81-year-old president. Trump challenges Biden to a debate and a $1 million golf match, highlighting divisions among Democrats and criticizing Biden's choice of Kamala Harris as a 'safety policy.' In response to Trump's provocations, the Biden campaign dismisses the former president's actions as 'weird antics' and underscores Biden's commitment to leading the nation.

Biden, on the other hand, navigates a balancing act between wealthy Democratic donors and grassroots supporters, acknowledging the challenge of maintaining financial support while appealing to the party's base with a populist message.

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News - South China Morning Post
9. Juli 2024 um 12:54

Trump returns to campaign trail as vice-president deadline looms, amid calls for Biden to withdraw | South China Morning Post

Former President Donald Trump is returning to the campaign trail in his home state of Florida, rallying voters at his golf resort as Democrats face tough calls over President Joe Biden's re-election chances. Trump appears in no rush to announce his running mate, as much of the attention is still centered on questions about Biden's ability to govern for another term. Some Democrats have called for Biden to step down as their presumptive nominee following his poor debate performance, but Trump argues he is stronger than the 81-year-old Biden.
EL PAÍS América Colombia: el periódico global... en EL PAÍS
10. Juli 2024 um 02:08

Trump Reappears and Challenges Biden to Another Debate and a $1 Million Golf Match

Trump challenges Biden to a debate and a golf match for $1 million, criticizing Biden and Harris; he has not announced a vice presidential candidate; says the Republican Party is more united; criticizes Harris's role in immigration and says Biden chose her as a "safety policy"; recalls the exchange about golf skills in the first debate; says Biden will not accept the golf match challenge.
Al Jazeera – Breaking News, World News and Video from Al Jazeera
10. Juli 2024 um 05:30

Trump seizes on Biden’s re-election woes, mocks Harris as ‘insurance’

Former President Donald Trump has mocked President Joe Biden's re-election woes, sarcastically praising Biden's decision to appoint Kamala Harris as his running mate as an 'insurance policy' against him being replaced. Trump challenged Biden to a debate without moderators, claiming Democrats are having a 'full-scale breakdown' over who should be the nominee. The Biden campaign dismissed Trump's 'weird antics' and said the president is too busy leading the country to respond.
New York Times - Politics
9. Juli 2024 um 18:45

Wenn reiche Unterstützer sich zurückziehen, preist Biden kleine Spender

Präsident Biden steht vor einem Dilemma, da er die Unterstützung wohlhabender demokratischer Spender und kleiner Spender unter einen Hut bringen muss. Während er öffentlich gegen reiche Demokraten protestierte, die ihn aufforderten, seine Wiederwahl-Kampagne zu beenden, nahm er später an einem privaten Anruf teil, um seine wichtigsten Spender zu beruhigen. Dies spiegelt die Herausforderung wider, mit der Biden konfrontiert ist, wenn es darum geht, seine Kampagne zu finanzieren und gleichzeitig mit einer populistischen Anti-Elite-Botschaft die Basis der Partei anzusprechen.


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