2024-07-10 15:04:18

Russia's Blame Game and Ongoing Conflict in Ukraine

Amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russia shifts blame to NATO for the war in Ukraine and demands territorial concessions for peace talks. Despite Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's efforts for a ceasefire, Russia persists with attacks, including striking a children's hospital.

In the backdrop, Orban's meetings with Putin and Xi prompt scrutiny from the EU. South Korea's surplus artillery shells pose a vital resource for Ukraine, pending a decision influenced by Russian actions.

As the conflict enters its 866th day, military operations and diplomatic endeavors continue, shaping the complex dynamics in the region.

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Al Jazeera – Breaking News, World News and Video from Al Jazeera
10. Juli 2024 um 11:58

Russia blames war on NATO as it pounds Ukraine, demands territory for talks

Russia blames NATO for the war in Ukraine and demands that Ukraine cede territories it has invaded as a condition for talks. Meanwhile, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban continues his shuttle diplomacy to achieve a ceasefire, with China's Xi Jinping appearing to back Orban's call. However, Russia continues its attacks on Ukraine, including strikes on a children's hospital in Kyiv. Ukraine's allies, including NATO and the EU, are providing air defenses and deepening Ukraine's institutional relationship with NATO.
EL PAÍS: el periódico global
10. Juli 2024 um 03:40

The EU forces Orbán to account for his meetings with Putin and Xi

Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán has held meetings with the presidents of Russia and China on the conflict in Ukraine; he proposes that the EU launch a peace initiative without waiting for the US.
News - South China Morning Post
10. Juli 2024 um 05:52

Ukraine needs shells. South Korea has millions. Will a Nato summit deal deliver? | South China Morning Post

South Korea, a non-NATO member, holds vast stores of artillery shells that Ukraine desperately needs to fight off Russia. There is a push to convince South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol to change the government's policy and send lethal aid to Ukraine. South Korea's decision on whether to provide weapons to Ukraine will depend on Russia's actions, as it is seen as leverage to deter Russia from providing military support to North Korea, which is a direct threat to South Korea's national security.
Al Jazeera – Breaking News, World News and Video from Al Jazeera
10. Juli 2024 um 02:53

Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 866

The Russia-Ukraine war has entered its 866th day, with ongoing military operations and diplomatic efforts. Key events include continued fighting in eastern and southern Ukraine, as well as ongoing negotiations and sanctions related to the conflict.


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