2024-07-10 20:07:29

Federal Reserve Signals Possible Rate Cuts Amid Job Market Concerns

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's recent testimonies and comments have sparked discussions about potential interest rate cuts as the central bank shifts focus from fighting inflation to addressing a cooling job market. Powell emphasized the importance of more good data before committing to a rate cut and expressed concerns about moving too quickly or too slowly.

Analysts now predict up to three rate cuts this year, driven by factors like rising unemployment and falling inflation. The upcoming release of the June Consumer Price Index data is anticipated to further support hopes for rate cuts, with expectations of eased consumer prices influencing the Fed's future policy decisions.

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Al Jazeera – Breaking News, World News and Video from Al Jazeera
9. Juli 2024 um 20:54

US Fed’s Powell cites slowing job market in signal rate cuts may be coming

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testified before the US Congress, signaling that the central bank may be moving closer to cutting interest rates. Powell cited a cooling job market and persistently high prices, shifting away from the Fed's single-minded fight against inflation. He warned that cutting rates too late or too little could weaken economic activity and employment, suggesting the Fed is considering a more balanced approach to its policy decisions.
New York Times - Economy
10. Juli 2024 um 08:37

Powell Welcomes Cooling Inflation but Wants ‘More Good Data’ Before Rate Cut

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell indicated that recent inflation data has given the central bank more confidence that price increases are returning to normal. He stated that continued progress along these lines would help pave the way for a central bank rate cut, but emphasized the need for 'more good data' before such a move. Powell avoided specifying a timeline for a potential rate cut, but did little to push back on expectations that a reduction could come as soon as September.
Yahoo Finance
10. Juli 2024 um 16:23

Powell Not Prepared ‘Yet’ to Say He’s Confident About Inflation

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said he believes inflation is receding, but is not yet confident that price gains are sustainably slowing to the central bank's 2% goal. Powell emphasized that the Fed has more work to do on trimming its balance sheet and is close to agreeing on changes to its plan to force big banks to hold significantly more capital. He also noted that the Fed faces risks from both moving too quickly or too slowly on interest rate cuts, and is focused on the labor market as well as inflation.
Stock Market Breaking News by Wall Street Experts - TheStreet
11. Juli 2024 um 22:49

Suddenly, there's talk of 3 rate cuts this year TheStreet Daily Newsletter

Analysts are now predicting that the Federal Reserve may cut interest rates up to three times this year, rather than the previously expected one or two cuts in 2024. This shift is driven by factors like rising unemployment, falling inflation, and increasing economic strains. The Fed usually makes dramatic rate cuts when a recession is unfolding, but has done so in the past even when a recession was not imminent. The analysts argue the Fed should get ahead of the problem and cut rates sooner rather than later.


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