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Artificial Intelligence

China's Strategic Push for Global AI Cooperation

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China is intensifying efforts for international cooperation on AI, showcased at the recent World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai. The nation sees AI growth as a catalyst for spreading prosperity globally and shaping shared value systems.

Advocating for broader participation in AI governance, China aims to leverage AI's potential in sustainability, manufacturing, and robotics. Despite US tech restrictions, China asserts its self-sufficiency ambitions in AI and internet technologies, emphasizing state achievements and plans for AI chip development.

While leading in gen AI adoption, China lags in full technology implementation compared to the US, driven by restrictions on high-power semiconductor chips. Alibaba's strategic use of generative AI tools underscores China's commitment to empower cross-border e-commerce, enhancing competitive edge against global rivals.

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Big Tech - South China Morning Post
8. Juli 2024 um 21:30

Opinion | Why China is pushing so hard for international cooperation on AI | South China Morning Post

China is pushing hard for international cooperation on AI, as seen at the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai. The conference brought together global innovators to explore new AI opportunities, discuss risks, and exchange ideas on fostering safe and just AI ecosystems. China views the growth of AI as a chance to spread prosperity and shape value systems, and is advocating for broader global participation in AI governance. The conference highlighted AI's potential in areas like sustainability, manufacturing, and robotics, and China is preparing to upskill the workforce in developing countries on AI products.
Yahoo News
9. Juli 2024 um 09:30

China puts on brave face amid US tech restrictions as it looks to next stage of internet development

China is showcasing its determination to become self-sufficient in artificial intelligence (AI) and future internet technologies, despite US technology restrictions. The China Internet Conference highlighted the country's achievements and advantages in internet development, with state-owned enterprises and speakers emphasizing China's computing power and plans to develop its own AI chip ecosystem to overcome the hardware bottleneck created by US export restrictions.
Cointelegraph.com News
9. Juli 2024 um 13:11

China leads the world in gen AI adoption but falls behind in full implementation

China leads the world in the usage and investment of generative AI technology, with 83% of respondents in China admitting to using it. However, the U.S. remains the leader in fully implementing the technology, with 24% of organizations in the U.S. having fully implemented generative AI compared to 19% in China. China still faces restrictions on access to high-power semiconductor chips produced by the global leader Nvidia, but continues to be extremely bullish on AI, filing over 38,000 patents related to the technology in the last 10 years.
Business - South China Morning Post
9. Juli 2024 um 12:00

Alibaba bets on generative AI tools to help cross-border merchants, executive says | South China Morning Post

Alibaba is tapping into generative AI tools to help its cross-border merchants with translation, content creation, and product returns. The company's vice-president Zhang Kaifu believes AI has great potential for Alibaba's international e-commerce business, which has become one of the company's fastest-growing areas. Alibaba is working to make its global marketplaces, including AliExpress and Lazada, more competitive as it faces increasing challenges from rivals like Shein and Temu.


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