2024-07-09 09:03:43

Safety Concerns Rise as United Airlines Flight Loses Wheel during Takeoff

A United Airlines flight departing from Los Angeles faced a scare as a landing-gear wheel detached during takeoff but managed to safely land in Denver, escaping any injuries. This marks the airline's second such incident this year, following a similar event in March involving a Boeing 777-200.

The recent mishap adds to a series of safety issues plaguing United Airlines, including emergency landings and engine troubles. This incident further highlights ongoing safety concerns in the aviation industry, especially regarding Boeing aircraft, which have faced multiple breakdowns and scrutiny, contributing to a growing pressure on the company to address safety deficiencies.

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The Guardian
9. Juli 2024 um 02:52

United Airlines flight loses wheel during taking off in Los Angeles

A United Airlines jet lost a landing-gear wheel during take off from Los Angeles, but was able to land safely in Denver with no injuries. This is the second such incident for the airline this year, with a previous incident in March involving a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 jet that lost a tire mid-air after takeoff from San Francisco. The latest incident is part of a string of issues involving United Airlines planes in recent months, including emergency landings and engine problems.
News - South China Morning Post
9. Juli 2024 um 03:34

Wheel falls from United Airlines Boeing plane during take-off in Los Angeles | South China Morning Post

A United Airlines Boeing 757-200 plane lost a wheel during take-off from Los Angeles International Airport, but landed safely in Denver. This is the latest in a series of safety incidents involving Boeing planes, including a United Airlines Boeing 777 that lost a tire in March and a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 that lost its nose wheel in January. Boeing has also faced scrutiny over the 737 Max model after a fuselage door plug blew out on an Alaska Airlines flight in January.
9. Juli 2024 um 08:01

Plane Lands Safely Despite New Incident: Boeing Loses Wheel After Takeoff - n-tv.de

On a United Airlines flight, a wheel fell off a Boeing 757-200 shortly after takeoff from Los Angeles. Despite the incident, the aircraft was able to land safely in Denver, and there were no injuries among the 174 passengers and 7 crew members. The incident is the second malfunction within a few months for a United Airlines Boeing aircraft, after a 777 aircraft lost a wheel shortly after takeoff from San Francisco in March. Boeing has long been under pressure due to safety concerns about its aircraft.
Spiegel Wirtschaft
9. Juli 2024 um 06:21

Boeing loses a wheel after takeoff - another breakdown - DER SPIEGEL

The series of breakdowns at Boeing aircraft does not stop. Again, a 757-200 aircraft lost a wheel shortly after takeoff in Los Angeles, but was still able to land safely in Denver. This is already the second incident of this kind with United Airlines within a few months. Boeing is under heavy pressure due to safety deficiencies in its aircraft.


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