2024-07-09 20:01:12

India's PM Modi Strengthens Ties with Russia Amid Ukraine War Concerns

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent visit to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin showcased the efforts to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, despite concerns surrounding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The leaders engaged in symbolic gestures of friendship, such as a golf buggy ride, highlighting the desire to deepen economic and energy ties.

The visit, occurring amidst Russian missile strikes in Ukraine and the NATO summit, emphasized India's delicate diplomatic balancing act. Discussions were focused on enhancing defense cooperation, with talks expected to cover new arms deals and technology transfers.

Modi's visit also aims to address the issue of Indian citizens deceived into joining the Russian army, with families hopeful for their safe return following the diplomatic engagement.

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Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Nachrichten
8. Juli 2024 um 13:27

India's Prime Minister Modi Meets Putin in Moscow

India's Prime Minister Modi meets with Kremlin chief Putin in Moscow for the first time since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The meeting will address, among other things, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the return of Indian citizens who were forced to work for the Russian army under false pretenses. Afterwards, Modi will travel to Austria, where he will be received by President Van der Bellen and Chancellor Nehammer.
The Guardian
9. Juli 2024 um 14:25

Modi and Putin cement ‘bonds of friendship’ despite Ukraine tensions

Despite tensions over the Ukraine war, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Moscow to cement the 'bonds of friendship' between India and Russia. The two leaders displayed continued bonhomie, with Modi and Putin engaging in informal activities like a golf buggy ride. However, the complexities of India's diplomatic balancing act were evident, as the visit coincided with Russian missile strikes on Ukraine and the NATO summit in Washington.
The Diplomat
9. Juli 2024 um 15:29

Putin Hosts India’s Modi to Deepen Ties, but Ukraine Looms Over Their Relationship

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, seeking to deepen the relationship between the two nuclear powers. Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the two leaders discussed strengthening economic and energy ties, with India becoming a major buyer of Russian oil. However, the Ukraine war looms over their relationship, as India has avoided condemning Russia's actions while emphasizing the need for a peaceful settlement.
Al Jazeera – Breaking News, World News and Video from Al Jazeera
9. Juli 2024 um 14:08

What lies behind arms talks between India’s Modi and Russia’s Putin?

India and Russia have a long history of defense cooperation, including joint development of weapons like the Brahmos supersonic missile. As Russia faces ammunition shortages in the Ukraine war, it is seeking to expand defense ties with India, which still relies heavily on Russian-made military equipment. The upcoming talks between Indian PM Modi and Russian President Putin are expected to focus on new arms deals and defense technology transfers that could help Russia's war effort.


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