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Escalating Tensions in Israel-Gaza Conflict Threaten Ceasefire Negotiations

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The Israel-Gaza conflict continues to escalate as Israeli airstrikes intensify in Gaza City, leading to the forced displacement of residents. Hamas accuses Israel of sabotaging ceasefire negotiations, with the head of the Israeli intelligence service heading to Egypt to resume talks.

The death toll rises, with over 50 people killed in recent attacks. International efforts by Egypt, Qatar, and the US aim to broker a ceasefire, but ongoing fighting poses a significant challenge.

Reports of attacks on schools and accusations of a 'targeted starvation campaign' by UN experts further exacerbate the dire situation, highlighting the urgent need for peace talks and humanitarian aid.

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EL PAÍS: el periódico global
8. Juli 2024 um 18:11

Live: War between Israel and Gaza | Hamas accuses Israel of sabotaging negotiations with its new attacks in Gaza City

The Israeli army is intensifying the bombings in Gaza City, causing the forced displacement of residents. Hamas accuses Netanyahu of sabotaging the ceasefire negotiations. The head of the Israeli intelligence service (Shin Bet) travels to Egypt to resume the talks. US and Israeli delegations will meet in Egypt and Doha to discuss a ceasefire. The Gazan authorities raise the death toll from the Israeli offensive to more than 38,100 since October.
World news | The Guardian
9. Juli 2024 um 17:11

Israeli attack on Gaza City continues as Hamas says ceasefire efforts at risk

Israel continues heavy airstrikes on Gaza City, with over 50 people killed in the past 24 hours. Hamas says the fighting threatens to derail international efforts to broker a ceasefire and hostage release deal. Mediation efforts led by Egypt, Qatar, and the US are ongoing, but Hamas warns the latest battles could 'reset the negotiation process to square one'.
EL PAÍS: el periódico global
9. Juli 2024 um 18:57

Israel-Gaza War, Live | At least 29 killed in Israeli attack on school in southern Gaza

The war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza continues, with at least 29 killed in an Israeli attack on a school. Hamas warns that the escalation of the Israeli offensive puts the ceasefire negotiations at risk. Hezbollah and Iraqi militias have launched drone attacks against Israel, while the talks mediated by Egypt and the US are ongoing. The Bank of Israel has lowered its growth forecasts due to the economic impact of the conflict. Israel orders new evacuations in Gaza City and the head of the Israeli intelligence services travels to Egypt for the negotiations.
Yahoo News
9. Juli 2024 um 15:01

Hamas warns Israel's new offensive on Gaza City could jeopardize cease-fire talks

Hamas warns that Israel's new offensive on Gaza City could jeopardize ongoing cease-fire talks. Israeli forces are advancing into Gaza City with heavy airstrikes and artillery barrages, according to residents. The escalation in violence could have dire consequences on the ceasefire negotiations.


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