2024-07-08 15:05:19

Samsung Employees in South Korea Go on Strike

Samsung employees in South Korea have initiated a historic three-day strike, led by the National Samsung Electronics Union, to demand higher wages, improved working conditions, and transparency in performance-based bonuses. This strike, involving around one-fifth of Samsung's workforce, marks the first general strike in the company's history and could impact semiconductor chip production, a crucial sector for South Korea's exports.

Despite the strike's focus on salary increases and additional annual leave, analysts anticipate minimal disruption to chip production due to the high level of automation. The strike highlights a shift in employee loyalty and poses a challenge for Samsung in maintaining its workforce's satisfaction and productivity amidst global competition.

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VnExpress English
8. Juli 2024 um 02:40

Samsung workers' union in South Korea kicks off three-day strike

A workers' union at Samsung Electronics in South Korea is staging a three-day strike starting Monday, demanding improvements to the company's performance-based bonus system and an extra day of annual leave. The union, which represents over a fifth of Samsung's workforce in the country, has warned of further strikes if their demands are not met. While the strike is unlikely to significantly impact chip production due to automation, it reflects decreased staff loyalty at one of the world's top chipmakers and smartphone manufacturers.
13. Juli 2024 um 16:44

Samsung union kicks off three-day strike over unfair pay TheStreet Daily Newsletter

Samsung Electronics employees in South Korea have kicked off a three-day strike over unfair pay and demands for better working conditions. The National Samsung Electronics Union, which represents around 25% of Samsung's workforce, is leading the strike to disrupt production and pressure the company to meet their demands for higher pay and an extra day of annual leave for union members. However, Samsung says it does not expect a significant impact on production as only about 5% of its workforce is participating in the strike, while the company is experiencing booming demand for its AI chips.
8. Juli 2024 um 12:01

Samsung faces global consequences due to strikes in Korea - n-tv.de

Thousands of Samsung employees in South Korea have gone on a historic general strike, as the company and unions have failed to agree on new collective bargaining agreements. The three-day strike could have a significant impact on the production of semiconductors, which are an important export item for South Korea. The strike marks a turning point in Samsung's decades-long efforts to prevent the organization of trade unions.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
8. Juli 2024 um 05:10

Dispute over vacation and salaries: Thousands of Samsung workers go on strike - DER SPIEGEL

At Samsung Electronics in South Korea, thousands of employees have gone on strike. The union is demanding higher wages and more transparent performance bonuses, which the company has so far rejected. Despite the strike, analysts do not expect major impact on chip production, as it is largely automated. However, the strike is seen as a sign of the declining loyalty of employees towards the conglomerate.


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