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Russia's Putin Seeks Enhanced Ties with Vietnam and North Korea Amid US Criticism

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Russian President Vladimir Putin's upcoming visits to Vietnam and North Korea aim to strengthen ties with both nations, focusing on various aspects from strategic partnerships to military support. The US has criticized Hanoi for hosting Putin, expressing concerns over Russia's actions in Ukraine.

Despite facing Western sanctions, Putin vows to elevate relations with North Korea, emphasizing mutual support and cooperation in military and economic spheres. Additionally, the desire to enhance cooperation between Russia and Vietnam across multiple fields was highlighted during a recent meeting, underscoring the significance both nations place on their partnership.

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Yahoo News
17. Juni 2024 um 04:23

Russia's Putin to visit Vietnam, sparking US rebuke of Hanoi

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to visit Hanoi, Vietnam, this week to meet with new president To Lam and other leaders. The visit has sparked a U.S. rebuke due to concerns over normalizing Russia's actions in Ukraine.
EL PAÍS Edición América: el periódico global
17. Juni 2024 um 16:50

Putin visits North Korea for the first time in 24 years

Russian President Vladimir Putin will make his first official visit to North Korea in 24 years to discuss a strategic partnership agreement with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. During the trip, Putin will express his gratitude for the millions of projectiles that North Korea has supplied to Russia in its offensive against Ukraine. Furthermore, they are expected to discuss further military collaboration and sign a strategic partnership agreement.
World news | The Guardian
18. Juni 2024 um 05:21

Vladimir Putin to visit North Korea as he seeks further military support

Vladimir Putin is set to visit North Korea for talks with Kim Jong-un, seeking military support for Russia's war in Ukraine. The meeting aims to strengthen security and economic cooperation between the two nations despite facing sanctions from the West. The trip signifies a rare international visit for Putin, who has been focusing on friendly countries since the invasion of Ukraine.
News - South China Morning Post
17. Juni 2024 um 22:59

Putin vows to take North Korea ties to higher level, pledges support ahead of Pyongyang trip

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to strengthen relations with North Korea and expresses unwavering support ahead of his visit to the country. Putin praises the DPRK for supporting Russia's military operations in Ukraine and vows to support Pyongyang despite US pressure. The two countries are expanding their reciprocal and equal cooperation and are maintaining a common line and stand at the UN.


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