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Putin's Shake-Up in the Kremlin: Dismisses Deputy Ministers, Promotes Relatives in Defense Restructuring

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has undertaken a significant restructuring within the Ministry of Defense by firing four deputy ministers and promoting relatives, including his deceased cousin's daughter to a key leadership position. This move follows the dismissal of the longtime defense minister in May and aims to enhance efficiency and combat corruption within the defense ministry.

The reshuffle also includes decrees for reappointing positions and signifies a broader effort to improve military support services and financial transparency in Russia.

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n-tv.de Politik
17. Juni 2024 um 16:11

Shakeup in the Kremlin: Putin fires four deputy ministers and promotes relatives - n-tv.de

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed four deputy ministers of defense and promoted relatives. This is part of a restructuring that began in May when Putin dismissed his longtime defense minister. A daughter of Putin's cousin was appointed First Deputy Minister of Defense.
Aktuelle Nachrichten aus Europa
17. Juni 2024 um 19:05

Restructuring of the Ministry of Defense Putin promotes relatives to Deputy Minister

Russia's President Putin is driving the restructuring in the leadership of the Ministry of Defense forward and dismisses four Deputy Ministers. One of the vacant positions is filled by the daughter of his deceased cousin. Decrees are also issued for the reappointment of the positions.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
17. Juni 2024 um 14:22

Vladimir Putin fires four deputy defense ministers - DER SPIEGEL

After the resignation of former Defense Minister Shoigu, President Putin has now dismissed four deputy defense ministers and appointed a relative as his successor. The restructuring was carried out against the backdrop of a bribery scandal in the Ministry of Defense. The new Defense Minister Beloussow is expected to increase the efficiency of the Russian military economy.
Yahoo News
17. Juni 2024 um 14:14

Putin extends defence ministry purge, hands job to a relative

Russian President Vladimir Putin sacked four deputy defence ministers and appointed a relative to fill one of the vacancies as part of a broader shakeout aiming to clear out wastage and corruption in the defence ministry. The latest reshuffle aims to improve social and housing support for military personnel and increase transparency in financial management.


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