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Managing the Impact of the Heatwave: Precautions and Tools for Americans

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Millions of Americans are bracing for dangerously high temperatures as a heatwave sweeps across the midwest and north-east US, prompting heat warnings in states like Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The increasing frequency of heatwaves in the US, attributed to the climate crisis, highlights the urgent need for precautions.

Workers are advised to recognize signs of heat exhaustion and stay safe amid extreme heat alerts affecting over 70 million people. With cities like Chicago, New York City, and Boston expecting record-high temperatures, businesses and individuals are implementing safety measures.

To assist in managing the impact, tools like the HeatRisk dashboard and forecast by the CDC and National Weather Service offer personalized heat-related health recommendations based on zip codes, aiming to enhance preparedness and mitigate risks.

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The Guardian
16. Juni 2024 um 14:39

US braces for ‘dangerous’ conditions as heatwave to hit midwest and north-east

Millions of Americans are facing dangerously hot conditions as a heatwave is set to hit the midwest and north-east US. States like Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are under heat warnings with high temperatures expected to persist throughout the week. The extreme heat is part of a wider trend of increasing heatwaves in the US due to the climate crisis.
Environmental News - Environment, Earth Sciences
17. Juni 2024 um 19:49

If you can't stay indoors during this U.S. heat wave, here are a few ideas

A significant heat wave is hitting the United States, with over 70 million people under extreme heat alerts. Workers outdoors are facing challenges in coping with the heat, prompting advice on staying safe and recognizing signs of heat exhaustion. Various areas across the country are experiencing high temperatures, leading to precautions and safety measures being implemented by businesses and authorities.
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Millions face record-high temperatures as heat dome intensifies over US

Millions of people in the US are facing record-high temperatures as a heat dome intensifies, with temperatures exceeding 90F and heat indices reaching 105F. The heatwave is caused by a high-pressure system trapping warm air and is expected to affect cities like Chicago, New York City, and Boston.
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What to Know About This Week’s Heat Wave in New York

Millions of Americans are facing a major heat wave this week, with temperatures soaring in the Northeast and other parts of the country. New York City is expected to experience high 90s temperatures, and the impact of climate change is leading to earlier and more frequent heatwaves. Mayor Eric Adams has announced the activation of the city's heat emergency plan to ensure safety.


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