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EU Top Jobs After Elections: Predicting the Key Players

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Following the European elections, discussions are underway among EU leaders regarding the reassignment of top positions, with Ursula von der Leyen likely to secure a second term as President of the European Commission. The process involves negotiations among leaders and considerations of political balances, regional representation, and gender diversity.

The European Council's dinner meeting will delve into the allocation of key roles, anticipating potential power struggles. Despite some challenges, including concerns over alliances with far-right parties, von der Leyen's reelection is expected, reflecting the ongoing political dynamics within the European Parliament.

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Aktuelle Nachrichten aus Europa
17. Juni 2024 um 03:05

Personal poker in Brussels Who will get the EU top jobs after the election?

After the European elections, the EU top jobs will be reassigned and the heads of state and government will negotiate about it. Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel, Josep Borrell, and Roberta Metsola are important topics of discussion. It is expected that the personnel issues will be resolved more quickly than after the European elections in 2019.
The Guardian
17. Juni 2024 um 04:00

Ursula von der Leyen on track to keep job after EU elections boost

Ursula von der Leyen is likely to secure a second term as President of the European Commission, as EU leaders discuss the allocation of top positions. The European Parliament elections last week, which saw a boost for nationalist and far-right parties, have strengthened von der Leyen's position. Emmanuel Macron's decision to call snap elections in France is also seen as working in her favor.
17. Juni 2024 um 04:00

What leaders will discuss at European Council’s dinner

European Union leaders will discuss the allocation of top EU jobs at an informal dinner meeting. The meeting follows the recent European Parliament Elections and will involve discussions on the distribution of key positions within the EU institutions. Host Giada Santana and editor Aurelie Pugnet will analyze the potential power struggles during the dinner.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
17. Juni 2024 um 03:23

News: Greens in crisis, Ursula von der Leyen, Football EM - DER SPIEGEL

This article is about the problems the Greens are facing, the chances of Ursula von der Leyen to become EU Commission President again, and the political statements of football player Kylian Mbappé. The Greens seem to be too pragmatic in the traffic light coalition and are abandoning their own principles. However, Von der Leyen could be re-elected despite some resistance in the European Parliament. Mbappé has called on his compatriots to vote in the upcoming elections in France and to beware of political extremes.
EL PAÍS: el periódico global
17. Juni 2024 um 03:40

So werden EU-Führungskräfte ausgewählt: Verhandlungen zwischen Führern, mehrere Gleichgewichte und Machtversprechen

Dieser Artikel beschreibt, wie die EU-Führungskräfte wie die Präsidentschaft der Europäischen Kommission und des Europäischen Rates ausgewählt werden und nennt die Favoriten für diese Positionen. Es wird betont, wie wichtig es ist, die verschiedenen politischen Familien, geografischen Regionen und Geschlechter bei der Auswahl der Führungskräfte auszubalancieren. Es wird auch die Möglichkeit von Überraschungen bei den endgültigen Entscheidungen erwähnt.


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