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Macron's Risky Move: Early Elections and the Rise of the Far-Right Party in France

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French President Macron's decision to dissolve parliament and call for snap elections to counter the far-right movement led by Marine Le Pen may backfire as polls indicate the far-right party gaining momentum. The political landscape in France is tense, with various parties uniting or disintegrating in response to the challenging circumstances, creating electoral uncertainty.

Macron's gamble against extremism risks a far-right victory, potentially leading to an authoritarian government taking control. The EU is on edge as the far-right's progress in France could weaken the European project and complicate joint decision-making.

The unexpected move by ex-president François Hollande to stand for parliament aims to prevent the far right from gaining power amidst the political upheaval in the country.

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Thế giới - VnExpress
15. Juni 2024 um 12:00

Macron's Gamble with the Far-Right Party

The political calculation by French President Macron to hold early elections may backfire as polls show the far-right party gaining momentum. Macron's decision to dissolve parliament and hold snap elections is seen as a move to prevent the rise of the far-right movement led by Marine Le Pen. However, recent polls indicate that Le Pen's party is likely to secure a significant number of seats in the parliament, posing a challenge to Macron's political ambitions.
The Guardian
16. Juni 2024 um 02:46

France elections: unpopular ex-president François Hollande to run for parliament again

Former French President François Hollande has announced his decision to run for parliament again, following President Emmanuel Macron's call for snap legislative elections. Macron's dissolution of parliament has led to a reconfiguration of French politics, with a new left-wing alliance forming and the potential for a right-wing alliance with the far right. Hollande, who left office with low popularity, will stand as a Member of Parliament for the New Popular Front in the southwestern Corrèze department.
EL PAÍS: el periódico global
16. Juni 2024 um 03:40

Macron pushes France (and Europe) into the unknown

An atmosphere of the end of a reign settles in Paris with the advance of the legislative elections and the possible victory of the far right, which puts Marine Le Pen's National Rally (RN) on the verge of a majority in the National Assembly. Macron, who promised upon coming to power in 2017 to end the far right, may go down in history as the president who facilitated the far right's rise to power. The EU will hardly emerge unscathed from the presence in the government of one of its engines of a eurosceptic party, which has been affiliated with Vladimir Putin's Russia for a long time and is in favor of changing the Constitution to remove rights from foreigners.
EL PAÍS: el periódico global
16. Juni 2024 um 03:40

The EU holds its breath ahead of elections that could elevate the far-right in France

The far-right in Europe is worrying the European Union due to its progress and the possibility of forming coalition governments in several countries. In particular, the concern is focused on France, where Marine Le Pen and her party National Rally could come to power in the upcoming elections. The EU fears that this could weaken the European project and make joint decision-making more challenging.


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