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Age Factor in the Presidential Campaign: Trump Turns 78 Amid Scrutiny

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As Donald Trump celebrates his 78th birthday, scrutiny over his age intensifies, despite his efforts to project vitality. Both Trump and Joe Biden face criticism regarding their physical and mental capabilities, with Trump's campaign highlighting Biden's supposed weaknesses.

The candidates' ages, only three years apart, have become a central point in the election campaign, with each side trying to downplay the significance of age. Trump's birthday celebration featured a strong display of support from his loyal followers, emphasizing his confidence in winning the upcoming election.

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News - South China Morning Post
14. Juni 2024 um 06:34

Joe Biden is old. Donald Trump, now 78, is also showing signs of ageing

Donald Trump, who has criticized Joe Biden's age, is also showing signs of aging as he celebrates his 78th birthday. Both candidates have been targeted for their physical and mental capabilities, with Trump's campaign team sharing videos of Biden's perceived weaknesses. While there are noticeable differences in their physical capabilities, the age of the candidates may not be the deciding factor for voters in the upcoming election.
n-tv.de Politik
14. Juni 2024 um 14:01

Baffling Speech about Sharks and E-Boats: Age Doesn't Spare Trump Either - n-tv.de

Former US President Donald Trump is celebrating his 78th birthday and is trying to remind voters that he is only three years older than his competitor Joe Biden. Trump's campaign team regularly releases videos that are supposed to depict Biden's alleged physical and mental shortcomings. The age of the candidates is becoming an increasingly central point of attack in Trump's campaign ahead of the presidential election in November.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
14. Juni 2024 um 17:44

USA: Joe Biden congratulates Donald Trump on his birthday - DER SPIEGEL

Joe Biden congratulates Donald Trump on his 78th birthday and tries to dispel discussions about his own age. The two politicians are engaged in a bitter election campaign and accuse each other of endangering the USA.
New York Times - U.S.
15. Juni 2024 um 01:57

It’s Donald Trump’s 78th Birthday. He Isn’t Happy About It.

Donald Trump celebrated his 78th birthday and expressed displeasure about it. He mentioned that he doesn't like birthdays and prefers to pretend the day doesn't exist. Both Trump and Biden, who are close in age, try to downplay their ages while criticizing each other's capabilities.


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