2024-06-14 06:17:40

Ukraine-China Relations Amidst Conflict: Selenskyj Receives Xi Jinping's Pledge

Ukrainian President Selenskyj reveals that China's President Xi Jinping has assured him over the phone of halting weapon sales to Russia, a promise received with skepticism. This development comes as the USA and Ukraine ink a bilateral security agreement committing to military training and defense equipment provision.

Concurrently, China presents its own peace plan for Ukraine, advocating for an international conference with equal participation from all parties, diverging from efforts at the Swiss summit endorsed by President Zelensky. As Ukraine embraces China's proposed 'peace formula,' tensions persist with Russia, which remains firm on its stance, advocating for the acknowledgment of annexed territories as part of 'new realities'.

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Spiegel Topmeldungen
14. Juni 2024 um 02:06

Ukraine War and China: Selenskyj receives phone commitment from Xi Jinping - DER SPIEGEL

Ukrainian President Selenskyj reports that China's President Xi Jinping has pledged over the phone not to sell weapons to Russia, but Selenskyj appears to be skeptical. The USA and Ukraine have signed a bilateral security agreement that commits Washington to training the Ukrainian army and supplying defense equipment.
14. Juni 2024 um 04:41

"Xi gave me his word": Selenskyj: China no longer sells weapons to Russia - n-tv.de

Ukrainian President Selenskyj reports that China's President Xi Jinping has promised not to sell weapons to Russia anymore. According to Selenskyj, this should help prevent further escalation of the Ukraine conflict. In addition, a security agreement between the USA and Ukraine was signed at the G-7 summit in Southern Italy.
14. Juni 2024 um 04:55

China pushes rival Ukraine peace plan before Swiss summit

China is pushing its own peace plan for Ukraine and has been lobbying governments for support, while skipping a summit in Switzerland aimed at building support for Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's proposals. Beijing's alternative plan calls for an international peace conference with equal participation of all parties.
Thế giới - VnExpress
14. Juni 2024 um 02:22

Ukraine Welcomes China's New 'Peace Formula'

Ukraine's President welcomes China's proposal for a 'peace formula' in the ongoing conflict with Russia. President Zelensky expressed willingness to cooperate if there is a common understanding and shared path towards peace. However, Russia does not accept Ukraine's peace plan and insists on considering the 'new realities' that include the annexation of certain territories.


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