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EU Tariffs on Chinese Electric Cars Shake German Manufacturers and Spark International Tensions

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The EU Commission's imposition of provisional tariffs on Chinese electric cars has sent waves through the automotive industry, particularly affecting German giants like VW, BMW, and Mercedes. While the EU aims to reduce dependency on China, German manufacturers fear harm to their domestic market.

Consultants warn of negative consequences, urging German automakers to focus on innovation. The struggle over tariffs has provoked reactions from the US and China, with doubts cast on their effectiveness.

As the Chinese government contemplates a WTO complaint, the EU seeks a balanced approach to safeguard its automotive sector without hindering trade. Despite criticisms of insufficient protection for European industries, the EU rejects Chinese accusations of trade law violations while facing potential retaliatory measures from China.

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13. Juni 2024 um 14:20

German car manufacturers alarmed: Why there are tariffs for Chinese electric cars - and who they hit hard - n-tv.de

The EU Commission has imposed provisional tariffs on the import of electric cars from China into the European Union. German car manufacturers such as VW, BMW, and Mercedes are directly affected. The tariffs are intended to reduce the risk of dependency on China, while the German manufacturers fear damage to the domestic industry.
Spiegel Wirtschaft
14. Juni 2024 um 09:10

EU tariffs: Consultants warn of consequences of punitive tariffs on electric cars from China - DER SPIEGEL

Consultants from BCG criticize the planned EU punitive tariffs on electric cars from China as more harmful than beneficial. German car manufacturers are supposed to become more innovative and efficient instead.
14. Juni 2024 um 06:53

The struggle over EU tariffs on Chinese electric cars

The EU has imposed provisional tariffs on Chinese electric cars, sparking strong reactions in both the US and China. However, the effectiveness of the tariffs remains questionable. The Chinese government is considering filing a complaint to the WTO.
EL PAÍS: el periódico global
14. Juni 2024 um 03:00

A European road for the Chinese electric car

The European Union has imposed new tariffs on electric vehicles produced in China to protect the European automotive industry, without intending to block their importation. Brussels is looking for a middle ground to avoid harming European car exports to China. In addition, the Commission is confident in stimulating job creation and bringing the supply chain of electric cars to European soil.


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