2024-06-13 05:49:47

Ukraine's Successful Defense Against Russian Air Attacks

Recent headlines highlight Ukraine's successful defense against Russian air attacks on Kyiv, with its air defense intercepting missiles and drones. Despite challenges, Ukraine managed to repel the assaults and is in need of additional air defense systems.

The country also launched successful strikes on Russian air defense complexes in Crimea, targeting strategic locations. President Zelensky's call for strengthening air defense comes after civilian casualties in Russian airstrikes.

Concerns about Russia's potential use of satellite photos to target Ukraine have also been raised, prompting an investigation. The USA's decision to deliver another 'Patriot' system showcases international support for Ukraine's defense efforts.

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Internationale Nachrichten aus aller Welt
12. Juni 2024 um 21:51

War against Ukraine ++ USA likely to deliver another "Patriot" system ++

The USA is expected to deliver another "Patriot" air defense system to Ukraine to support them in the defense against Russia. The delivery comes after a decision by US President Joe Biden. In the night on Wednesday, the Ukrainian Air Force repelled a heavy Russian air attack on Kyiv, in which cruise missiles, rockets, and drones were used.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
12. Juni 2024 um 07:59

Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine fends off air attack on Kyiv - DER SPIEGEL

Russia has attacked the Ukrainian capital Kyiv with cruise missiles, rockets, and drones. The Ukrainian air defense managed to repel the attacks, and falling rocket parts caused fires. Ukraine has been resisting a Russian invasion for more than two years and is seeking support for reconstruction.
New York Times - Europe
12. Juni 2024 um 17:35

Ukraine Says It Shot Down Most of a Russian Missile and Drone Barrage

Ukraine's air defenses successfully intercepted 29 out of 30 missiles and drones launched by Russia in an overnight barrage, with the help of supplies from its allies. The country is in need of additional air defense systems to combat the ongoing assaults. Various countries, including the US and Germany, are providing support to enhance Ukraine's defense capabilities.
Thế giới - VnExpress
12. Juni 2024 um 14:58

Ukraine declares attack on three Russian air defense complexes in Crimea

The Ukrainian military claims to have launched a second strike this week, hitting a Russian S-300 system and two S-400 complexes on the Crimean Peninsula. The attack resulted in the destruction of two radars from the S-300 and S-400 complexes, with information about the remaining radar still being clarified. The Ukrainian military targeted the locations near Belbek and the city of Sevastopol.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
12. Juni 2024 um 15:09

Ukraine: Russland kauft womöglich Satellitenfotos von Airbus - DER SPIEGEL

Militärexperten befürchten, dass Russland die Ukraine präziser attackieren kann, da es möglicherweise Satellitenfotos von Airbus kauft. Airbus weist die Vorwürfe zurück. Es wird eine Spurensuche durchgeführt.


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