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EU Plans Punitive Tariffs on Chinese Electric Cars: Implications and Reactions

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The EU Commission is set to introduce punitive tariffs on Chinese electric cars, effective from July 4th, citing 'unfair subsidies' given to Chinese manufacturers. These tariffs, reaching up to 38.1 percent on top of regular import duties, aim to level the playing field for European automakers.

While some EU member states oppose the move, others support it to shield local producers. China has threatened retaliatory measures, highlighting a potential trade war, amidst criticisms of EU's allegations regarding competition distortions and subsidy practices.

The looming tariffs raise concerns among Czech automakers, fearing disruptions to the supply chain and adverse effects on the European automotive industry, urging for a comprehensive strategy to bolster the regional market and explore new opportunities.

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New York Times - Business
12. Juni 2024 um 22:43

What to Know About Europe’s Extra Tariffs on Chinese Electric Cars

The European Union plans to impose additional tariffs on Chinese electric cars to level the playing field for European automakers. Some argue the tariffs could lead to a trade war, while others believe incentives for low-emission cars are a better solution. Industry experts predict the tariffs will increase prices for consumers but may not deter China's dominance in the market.
Deutsche Welle: DW.com Wirtschaft
12. Juni 2024 um 13:52

Customs dispute: EU plans to make electric cars from China more expensive

The EU Commission plans to impose punitive tariffs on electric cars from China starting from July 4th in response to 'unfair subsidies'. The amount of punitive tariffs varies depending on the willingness of cooperation of Chinese manufacturers and can amount to up to 38.1 percent in addition to the regular import duties. Some EU member states reject the punitive tariffs, while others support them to protect domestic producers.
13. Juni 2024 um 06:15

Tariffs on Chinese Electric Cars: Czech Automakers Warn of Supply Chain Issues

Czech automakers are concerned about potential tariffs on Chinese electric cars, as this could lead to supply chain problems and negative impacts on the European automotive industry. The EU Commission is planning to impose additional tariffs on electric cars produced in China to address competition issues and protect European automakers. Czech representatives emphasize the need for a systemic approach to strengthen the European industry and tap into new markets.
Wirtschaft und Börsen-Nachrichten
13. Juni 2024 um 05:36

E-Cars China threatens with retaliatory measures in case of tariffs

China has threatened with retaliatory measures after the European Union announced that it would impose tariffs on Chinese electric cars. China criticizes the EU's decision and emphasizes that there are no distortions of competition through subsidies. The EU Commission accuses China of providing excessive subsidies to its car manufacturers and flooding the European market with cheap electric cars.


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