2024-06-12 23:59:26

Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure Gains Traction in AI Market

Oracle experiences a nearly 9% surge in shares due to increased demand for its cloud infrastructure services in artificial intelligence applications, leading to expanded partnerships with key players like OpenAI and Google Cloud. The company's collaboration with OpenAI and Microsoft for data center capacity showcases Oracle's commitment to supporting AI scalability.

Additionally, Oracle's strong bookings and cloud partnership deals signal a promising future for its cloud infrastructure business as a pivotal growth area. OpenAI's utilization of Oracle's infrastructure and chips for AI compute underscores the growing trend of strategic collaborations to meet the rising demand for AI services, as seen in Broadcom's share surge driven by the booming AI computing market.

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Yahoo Finance
12. Juni 2024 um 11:01

Oracle gains as cloud infrastructure business gets AI boost

Oracle's shares rose by nearly 9% as the demand for its cloud infrastructure services from artificial intelligence applications increased. The company is expanding its cloud infrastructure unit to compete with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, attracting business from generative AI startups and forming partnerships with companies like OpenAI and Google Cloud.
12. Juni 2024 um 12:01

Oracle helps OpenAI scale and looks forward to good business | heise online

The software company Oracle is expanding its collaboration with Microsoft and OpenAI to provide data center capacity for Artificial Intelligence. This will enable OpenAI to further scale. Oracle also plans to build a large data center and was able to achieve a three percent increase in revenue in the fourth quarter.
Yahoo Finance
12. Juni 2024 um 09:23

Oracle Reports Strong Bookings, Signaling Cloud Momentum

Oracle Corp. reported strong bookings, indicating momentum in its cloud computing efforts. The company also announced cloud partnership deals with OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google. Oracle's cloud infrastructure business is viewed as its major future growth bet.
12. Juni 2024 um 12:40

OpenAI adds AI capacity in the Oracle Cloud

OpenAI partners with Microsoft and Oracle to extend Azure AI platform to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, allowing additional capacity for AI development and deployment. The move aims to support the increasing demand for OpenAI's generative AI services like ChatGPT with over 100 million monthly users. OpenAI continues to train its frontier models in the Microsoft cloud while using OCI for inferences and other needs.


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