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Impact of EU's Chinese EV Tariffs on Tesla and European Automakers

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The European Commission announced additional tariffs on Chinese EVs imported into the EU, with potential implications for Tesla and other automakers. The tariff rates are contingent on automakers' cooperation with the investigation, potentially resulting in Tesla facing a lower duty rate.

European automakers, particularly those heavily reliant on the Chinese market like Germany's, are concerned about the trade war's consequences and its impact on their electric vehicle transition. The tariffs aim to address alleged unfair competition from China and could lead to a trade war, with differing levels depending on the brand.

Meanwhile, Tesla has received approval to build a new Megafactory in Shanghai focused on producing Megapack batteries, aligning with China's renewable energy goals and catering to the rising demand for clean energy solutions worldwide.

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Yahoo News
12. Juni 2024 um 10:00

Tesla receives approval to build massive new factory to produce Megapack batteries: 'Leading to record profitability for the energy business'

Tesla has received approval to build a new Megafactory in Shanghai dedicated to producing Megapack batteries for utilities and companies. The company aims to increase production and profitability in the energy sector, outpacing growth in the EV business. The move aligns with China's leadership in renewable energy adoption and will help Tesla cater to a growing demand for clean energy storage solutions worldwide.
12. Juni 2024 um 15:06

German car industry, government react against EU EV tariffs as BMW faces 21% duty

The German car industry association VDA and government ministers criticized the EU's tariffs on China-made electric cars, impacting companies like BMW and Dacia. The European Commission imposed tariffs in response to Chinese subsidies for the electric vehicle supply chain, aiming to address distorted prices of China-made EVs.
Yahoo News
12. Juni 2024 um 15:44

Europe's automakers fret as China EV tariff fears become reality

The European Commission's decision to impose tariffs on Chinese EVs could have significant implications for European automakers, impacting their business in China and imports of Chinese-made cars. Germany's automakers, heavily reliant on the Chinese market, are concerned about the potential trade war and its consequences on their electric vehicle transition.
The Guardian
12. Juni 2024 um 17:00

How will new EU tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles work?

The EU plans to impose new tariffs on imports of Chinese electric vehicles in response to alleged state support for China's car manufacturing industry. The tariffs aim to counter the selling of Chinese vehicles at cheaper prices than global rivals. The level of tariffs varies depending on the brand, and they could lead to a trade war between the EU and China.


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