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2024-06-11 09:01:53

UN Security Council Endorses Ceasefire Plan for Israel-Gaza Conflict

The UN Security Council, backed by the US, has supported a ceasefire plan for the Israel-Gaza conflict. The resolution calls for a six-week ceasefire, followed by permanent cessation of hostilities and reconstruction in Gaza.

US Secretary of State Blinken is in Egypt for talks on the ceasefire, while Israel's former Defense Minister Gantz exits the war cabinet. President Biden has urged Hamas to accept the ceasefire following the Security Council vote, amid ongoing clashes and casualties in the region.

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Internationale Nachrichten aus aller Welt
10. Juni 2024 um 13:20

War in the Middle East ++ USA calls for vote on ceasefire ++

The USA has called for a vote in the Security Council on the plan for a ceasefire between Israel and the Islamist Hamas. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has arrived in Egypt for talks on a ceasefire in the Gaza war. Former Defense Minister Benny Gantz is leaving Israel's war cabinet.
Aktuelle Nachrichten aus Asien
11. Juni 2024 um 02:39

Plan for ceasefire in Gaza Strip "Today we voted for peace"

The UN Security Council has supported a plan for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. According to US reports, Israel has also agreed to the plan. Hamas is open to negotiations. The resolution calls for a six-week ceasefire, followed by a permanent cessation of hostilities and the beginning of reconstruction in the Gaza Strip.
11. Juni 2024 um 05:46

UN Security Council backs Israel-Hamas ceasefire plan

The United Nations Security Council backed a ceasefire proposal between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, encouraging both parties to accept and implement the plan. The resolution, drafted by the US, outlines a three-phase ceasefire initiative, with Russia abstaining from the vote and Algeria supporting it as a step towards immediate peace.
New York Times - Europe
11. Juni 2024 um 04:13

Tuesday Briefing

The U.N. Security Council passed a resolution for an immediate truce between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, showing growing frustration with the war. The U.S. achieved a diplomatic victory as the council endorsed a cease-fire plan based on President Biden's proposal.


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