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Elon Musk's Stand Against OpenAI Integration in Apple Devices

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Elon Musk voices strong concerns over Apple's integration of OpenAI at the operating system level, threatening to ban Apple devices at his companies due to security worries. Musk criticizes Apple for its collaboration with OpenAI, highlighting fears about user privacy and data security.

Despite withdrawing a lawsuit against OpenAI and its CEO, tensions persist over differing views on ethical AI development.

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Yahoo News
10. Juni 2024 um 20:46

Musk Warns of Ban on Apple Devices if OpenAI is Integrated at Operating System Level

Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices at his companies if Apple integrates OpenAI at the operating system level, citing security concerns. He criticizes Apple for partnering with OpenAI and questions their ability to protect user security and privacy. Musk has also sued OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman, for allegedly abandoning the startup's original mission.
11. Juni 2024 um 09:00

Elon Musk's harsh criticism of Apple and OpenAI collaboration: 'Apple devices will be banned in my companies'

Elon Musk criticized OpenAI's collaboration with Apple and stated that Apple devices will be banned in his companies. Musk claimed that Apple caused a security breach and sold data. OpenAI, on the other hand, stated that it protects the privacy of user data and implements privacy measures for access to ChatGPT.
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13. Juni 2024 um 20:38

Why Elon Musk is threatening to ban Apple devices at his companies

Elon Musk threatens to ban Apple devices at his companies if Apple integrates ChatGPT into the operating system, citing security concerns. Musk has a history with ChatGPT owner OpenAI and now runs a competitor called xAI.
New York Times - Technology
11. Juni 2024 um 23:32

Elon Musk Withdraws His Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Sam Altman

Elon Musk withdrew his lawsuit against OpenAI and its founders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, accusing the artificial intelligence start-up of prioritizing commercial interests over the public good. The lawsuit was filed in February and aimed to hold OpenAI accountable for its multibillion-dollar partnership with Microsoft and its focus on developing artificial general intelligence (A.G.I.). Despite the withdrawal, the tensions between Mr. Musk and OpenAI highlight differing perspectives on the responsible development of A.I.


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