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2024-06-11 06:18:18
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Businesses Relieved as EP’s Centrist Majority Holds Amid Far-Right Surge

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European businesses express relief as centrist, pro-EU parties secure a majority in the European Parliament post-elections, emphasizing the urgency for quick decision-making. Despite concerns over the far-right's rise in some member states, projections suggest a new centrist majority is foreseeable.

The impact of the far-right's success is notable, with their representation now at 21.5% in the Parliament, signaling potential shifts in major EU policies. While some right-wing figures like Bannon celebrate the far-right's gains, voters predominantly backed centrist parties, prompting alliances with new populist groups.

The presence of more climate-denying MEPs raises fears for the Green Deal's future, potentially slowing down ambitious climate actions. The reconfiguration of the extreme right poses dilemmas for conservative parties, risking ideological shifts that could influence the EU's future trajectory.

Crucial decisions lie ahead as Ursula von der Leyen seeks a majority for a second term, facing uncertainties amidst changing political landscapes and potential kingmaker roles within the EPP.

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11. Juni 2024 um 03:55

Businesses relieved as EP’s centrist majority holds, but urge swift deal

Business groups in Europe are relieved that centrist, pro-EU parties maintained a majority in the European Parliament after the elections, urging lawmakers to reach a swift agreement. Despite the rise of far-right parties in some member states causing concern, a new centrist majority seems plausible based on election results and projections. Various organizations, like the European Banking Federation and German industry association BDI, emphasized the importance of a strong pro-European leadership team to address the growing influence of right-wing populist MEPs.
EL PAÍS: el periódico global
11. Juni 2024 um 03:40

What has happened in Europe? The keys to the elections in nine graphics

The new European Parliament will have a majority similar to that of the last legislature, with a slightly greater weight of traditional and far-right parties and less of social democrats and greens. Social democrats represent less than 20% of the total seats in Parliament for the first time since 1979. The far-right has improved its results and now represents 21.5% of the European Parliament.
New York Times - U.S.
10. Juni 2024 um 23:52

Bannon and Others on the Right Celebrate European Parliament Elections

Stephen K. Bannon and other right-wing figures celebrated the success of far-right candidates in the recent European Parliament elections, noting strong results in countries like France, Germany, Belgium, and Ireland. Despite fears of a far-right wave, voters mostly supported centrists in the elections, with the center-right party seeking alliances with new populist parties.
Thế giới - VnExpress
10. Juni 2024 um 22:00

The Impact of the Rise of Far-Right Parties on Europe

The rise of far-right parties in the European Parliament elections could lead to significant changes in the bloc's major policies, such as collective security or membership. Preliminary voting results indicate that the far-right, nationalist faction is gaining ground in the EU legislature and winning in several countries, including France and Germany. This surge in far-right influence may impact important EU policies and create challenges for the establishment parties.


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