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Macron Dissolves Parliament Amid Far-Right Surge in EU Elections

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Populist far-right parties have seen significant gains in the European Parliament elections, prompting French President Emmanuel Macron to call for snap legislative elections. Macron's party, Renaissance, received only 15% of the vote compared to the far-right National Rally's 31.5%.

This decision marks a significant gamble for Macron as he aims to challenge the National Rally party and regain political momentum. The move has sparked debates on potential risks, including the influence of extreme right-wing factions on French governance and German-French cooperation.

The unexpected call for new elections has left European markets unsettled, with the Euro slipping to a one-month low and concerns over France's political stability and economic future. The dollar remains stable, but European assets have faced losses.

The political landscape in France and Europe is under scrutiny as Macron dissolved the lower house of Parliament. In Germany, the far-right Alternative for Germany surged into second place, overtaking Chancellor Olaf Scholz's Social Democratic Party.

Populist right parties in Germany, Austria, and Italy made significant gains in the European elections, although pro-European parties still hold the majority. The European People's Party leads in seats, but the rise of parties like AfD and Volt among young voters indicates a shifting political landscape in Europe.

The far-right National Rally's historic result in the European elections has raised concerns about the weakening of climate ambitions in the continent, with the Greens suffering heavy losses. Amid ongoing political turbulence, Macron's decision to dissolve Parliament and call for snap elections underscores the broader challenges facing the political mainstream in Europe.

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9. Juni 2024 um 08:30

Far-right fragmentation on EU foreign policy

As European Parliament elections approach, the far-right parties' impact on EU foreign policy positions has been modest. However, a surge in far-right representation in the European Parliament could have implications for the bloc's foreign policy, particularly in the European Council where decisions on EU foreign policy are taken unanimously. A significant rightward turn in the house could lead to more restrictive immigration policies and polarize resolutions on critical foreign policy issues.
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Parliamentary Elections in Belgium Triumph for the Right-wing Populists?

In Belgium, parliamentary elections are taking place simultaneously with the European elections. The formation of the government in this politically divided country will be challenging. The right-wing populist party Vlaams Belang could emerge as the strongest force.
9. Juni 2024 um 15:22

A reader’s guide: What to expect for elections’ night

The European Parliament will release country-by-country estimates throughout the evening, with the first aggregation expected after 20:15. France's Rassemblement National is anticipated to achieve significant success in the elections. Results from some countries cannot be announced until polls close in Italy at 23:00.
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10. Juni 2024 um 00:57

Far Right Surges in European Parliament Elections, Early Data Shows

Far-right parties surge in European Parliament elections, indicating voter dissatisfaction and a setback for the political mainstream. The projected outcome poses challenges for forming majorities and negotiating divisive issues in the European Parliament. The results signal continued momentum for far-right forces challenging centrists in Europe.
Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Nachrichten
9. Juni 2024 um 16:02

Union liegt bei EU-Wahl in Deutschland deutlich vorn

Die CDU/CSU liegt bei der Europawahl in Deutschland in Führung, während die Grünen massive Stimmenverluste erleiden. Die rechtsgerichtete AfD legt zu und erreicht den zweiten Platz. Die SPD verliert leicht, während das Bündnis Sahra Wagenknecht und die FDP stabile Ergebnisse erzielen. Die Wahlbeteiligung liegt laut Prognosen bei 64 bis 66 Prozent.


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