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European Elections 2024: Shaping the Future of the EU

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As the European elections near, with 350 million voters from 27 countries participating, the outcome is poised to redefine power dynamics in the European Parliament. Anticipated shifts towards right-wing parties and the impact on the EU's future are under scrutiny.

With a high voter turnout expected at 71%, the elections could significantly influence the political landscape. Live updates from Euractiv and Europe Elects offer real-time data on the evolving Parliament composition and potential power transitions across the EU.

Amidst the elections, security concerns in Latvia and political incidents like the attack on Denmark's Prime Minister add complexity to the electoral process, while events like the assassination attempt on Slovakia's Prime Minister color the voting atmosphere in certain countries, potentially affecting election results.

The press radar on this topic:

n-tv.de Politik
7. Juni 2024 um 21:41

What's next in the EU? ntv infographics on the European elections - n-tv.de

The European elections are approaching, and more than 350 million people from 27 countries have the opportunity to redefine the power and majority in the European Parliament. The outcome of these elections could influence the political climate and the future of the European Union. A shift in power dynamics and a gain for right-wing extremist parties are expected. Voter turnout will also play a crucial role, as surveys indicate that 71 percent of eligible voters intend to cast their votes.
8. Juni 2024 um 05:24

Elections 2024: Live updates

Stay updated as Europeans vote in the 2024 elections with over 350 million voters electing the 720 members of the European Parliament. Get real-time data and coverage from Euractiv's liveblog and Europe Elects' projections to see the future Parliament composition and potential power shifts.
EL PAÍS Edición México: el periódico global en EL PAÍS
8. Juni 2024 um 16:06

What do the surveys say about the European elections? The latest data in Spain and Europe

In Spain, the polls indicate that the Popular Party remains the leading political force, followed by the PSOE. The entry of Vox, Podemos, and other coalitions into the European Parliament is also expected. At the European level, it is estimated that the European People's Party will be the largest group, followed by the Social Democrats and the Liberals of Renew.
The Guardian
8. Juni 2024 um 15:22

European elections live: more countries head to the polls across the continent

European elections are taking place across the continent. Voters in Latvia are focusing on security issues due to Russia's actions. Denmark's Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, was attacked in Copenhagen.


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