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Pressure Mounts on Tusk Amid Potential Right-Wing Alliances in European Elections

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Amid the upcoming European elections, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk faces mounting pressure to dismiss a potential alliance between the European People's Party (EPP) and the right-conservative ECR group. The S&D faction in the European Parliament opposes right-wing alliances, emphasizing cooperation with progressive parties to strengthen the EU.

Concerns over collaboration with far-right parties, such as the ID group, have also emerged in Sweden, with divisions within the ruling coalition on this matter. Spain is witnessing significant focus on the rise of right-wing parties like the Popular Party and Vox, with warnings issued about potential far-right alliances.

The European campaign in Spain is marked by the Socialists and the Partido Popular positioning themselves as key opponents, with the latter eyeing these elections as a precursor to the upcoming parliamentary elections. Concerns are raised by candidates like Javi López and Swedish Social Democrats regarding the risk of a far-right alliance in the European Parliament, highlighting the need for centrist coalitions amidst pivotal issues like climate change, migration, and European cooperation.

Projections indicate a centrist majority in the Parliament but also foresee gains for far-right parties, potentially altering the balance of power. The far-right surge in Europe is attributed to various factors like electoral volatility, globalization, and the strategic behavior of far-right parties, rather than a radicalized voter base.

As the elections approach, challenges loom for various parties, highlighting the significance of voter awareness and key issues like climate, migration, and European cooperation. Attention is also drawn to power struggles among various European factions vying for seats and influence within the EU Parliament.

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The Polish Left Party criticizes a potential collaboration between Ursula von der Leyen and the right-conservative ECR faction. Prime Minister Donald Tusk also excludes such collaboration. The S&D faction in the European Parliament rejects an alliance with right-wing parties and prefers to work with progressive parties that aim to strengthen the EU.
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Poland’s Tusk under pressure to dismiss EPP alliance with ECR

Pressure mounts on Poland's Tusk to dismiss EPP alliance with ECR due to concerns over cooperation with far-right parties in the European Parliament.
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