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Biden's New Border Policies and Asylum Restrictions

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President Joe Biden's recent executive measures at the US-Mexico border aim to curb illegal immigration, accelerate deportations, and dismantle human smuggling networks. The executive order restricts asylum requests and allows for the closure of the US-Mexico border when there is a surge in illegal crossings.

This move is intended to quickly deport immigrants who enter irregularly and tighten the granting of asylum in the United States. Specific groups, such as unaccompanied children and trafficking victims, are exempt from the asylum ban.

Public concern over migrants entering the country has led to pressure from both Republicans and some Democrats to reduce the number of arrivals. Critics argue that the strict regulations may lead to increased suffering and challenges for asylum-seekers, potentially causing chaos and hardship.

Despite aiming to address border security concerns, Biden's decision has faced backlash and calls for a reevaluation from international organizations like the United Nations and UNHCR. The executive order aligns Biden closer to Trump's border policies and is seen as one of the toughest ever by a Democratic president.

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EL PAÍS América Colombia: el periódico global... en EL PAÍS
3. Juni 2024 um 18:55

Biden prepares an executive order that limits asylum and allows him to close the border with Mexico

President Joe Biden is preparing an executive order that limits asylum requests and allows the border with Mexico to be closed once a certain number of illegal crossings are exceeded. The measure aims to quickly deport immigrants who enter the country irregularly. The executive order also tightens asylum granting in the United States.
The Guardian
4. Juni 2024 um 20:12

Biden to issue order that could close US-Mexico border to asylum seekers

Joe Biden is set to announce an executive order that would close the US-Mexico border to asylum seekers crossing outside of lawful ports of entry when a daily threshold of crossings is exceeded. The move comes amid public concern over migrants entering the US, with pressure from Republicans and some Democrats to reduce the number of arrivals.
New York Times - U.S.
4. Juni 2024 um 21:30

Biden Issues Executive Order to Temporarily Seal the Border to Asylum Seekers

President Biden issued an executive order to temporarily seal the border to asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border when crossings surge, aiming to ease pressure on the immigration system. The most restrictive border policy by Biden echoes a similar effort by President Trump in 2018.
EL PAÍS: el periódico global
4. Juni 2024 um 16:42

Biden reduces access to asylum to send a political message against irregular immigration

The United States is imposing stricter measures to limit asylum and block irregular immigration across its southern border. President Joe Biden has signed an executive order allowing the closure of the border with Mexico if more than 2,500 irregular crossings occur daily for a week. The measure aims to control the border and present Democrats as the party taking action on the issue, as opposed to the Republicans.


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