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Biden's Border Measures and the Controversy Over Asylum Policies

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President Joe Biden's recent executive measures at the US-Mexico border aim to curb illegal immigration, accelerate deportations, and dismantle human smuggling networks. However, criticism has arisen over the new restrictions on asylum, with concerns raised by both progressive and Republican groups.

The decision to limit asylum rights and close the border under specific conditions has sparked controversy, drawing parallels to Trump's policies and affecting the uncertainty of migrants awaiting asylum decisions. Biden's shift towards a more restrictive stance on immigration reflects the challenge of balancing border security with humanitarian concerns amid a politically charged environment.

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EL PAÍS América Colombia: el periódico global... en EL PAÍS
5. Juni 2024 um 04:00

New Biden measures at the border: deportations exceed 750,000

President Joe Biden has announced new executive measures to curb illegal immigration at the southern border of the United States. These measures include the suspension of entry of immigrants who cross illegally, restrictions on asylum, and the accelerated deportation of those without legal basis. In addition, efforts have been intensified to dismantle human smuggling networks, and large quantities of drugs have been seized at the border.
New York Times - World
6. Juni 2024 um 03:17

Biden’s New Order Leaves Migrants at Border in Limbo Over Asylum Fate

Migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border are left uncertain about their asylum fate following President Biden's new executive order, which is the most restrictive border policy he has implemented. Migrants and humanitarian workers are trying to comprehend the implications of the directive amidst confusion over its enforcement.
Internationale Nachrichten aus aller Welt
5. Juni 2024 um 20:18

Criticism of Biden's asylum policy Headwinds from all directions

US President Biden has introduced new restrictions on the border with Mexico to tighten asylum policy. This has led to criticism from various quarters, both from Republicans and from the left wing of the Democratic Party. Biden is under pressure as Americans view immigration as a decisive issue in elections and trust Trump more in this area.
New York Times - Politics
5. Juni 2024 um 22:45

Can Biden Use Trump’s Signature Issue — Immigration — Against Him?

President Biden's decision to temporarily seal the border to most asylum seekers has sparked controversy within his party, drawn comparisons to former President Trump's policies, and positioned him on a more restrictive stance on immigration. This move aims to address the surge in illegal border crossings and aligns with public sentiment on border security in an election year.
EL PAÍS Edición América: el periódico global
5. Juni 2024 um 22:27

Biden recibe críticas por limitar el derecho al asilo en Estados Unidos

El presidente Joe Biden ha recibido una lluvia de críticas de sectores progresistas y republicanos después de emitir una orden ejecutiva que limita el derecho al asilo en Estados Unidos y cierra la frontera sur cuando los cruces irregulares superan los 2.500 encuentros diarios durante una semana. La medida ha sido reprochada por algunos miembros del partido demócrata por seguir los pasos de Donald Trump, mientras que los republicanos dudan de su eficacia y la consideran una medida electoral que llega tarde. Organizaciones de derechos humanos y la Agencia de Refugiados de la ONU también han mostrado su preocupación por la decisión.


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