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Zelensky Accuses China of Sabotaging Peace Summit Efforts

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused China of assisting Russia in sabotaging a planned peace summit in Switzerland. Zelensky believes China is pressuring other countries not to participate in the negotiations aimed at ending the conflict in Ukraine.

The summit is scheduled for mid-June and aims to bring comprehensive and lasting peace to the region. Despite China's rejection of participation, 106 countries and organizations have confirmed their attendance.

In addition to his accusations against China, Zelensky has expressed concerns about potential negative implications if a peace deal imposed by Donald Trump were unfavorable to Ukraine. He continues to seek international support for the peace summit amidst ongoing threats from Russia.

Zelensky is also promoting trade cooperation with Ukraine in Singapore, highlighting the resilience of the Ukrainian economy during the war. He stresses the importance of global cooperation to counter Russian aggression and calls for diplomatic isolation of Russia.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian armed forces report record losses on the Russian side, prompting discussions on providing modern defense systems like the Patriot to Ukraine. Amidst these developments, China emphasizes its neutrality in the conflict and accuses the US of stoking tensions in the region, adding to the complex diplomatic dynamics at the security conference in Singapore.

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Thế giới - VnExpress
1. Juni 2024 um 12:44

President Zelensky visits Singapore to attend Shangri-La Dialogue

Ukrainian President Zelensky arrived in Singapore to attend the Shangri-La Dialogue, where he is expected to meet with the US Secretary of Defense and address representatives from various countries. Zelensky will participate in a panel discussion on 'Reimagining Solutions for Global Peace and Regional Stability' and propose support for the peace summit in Ukraine. This visit comes as Russia intensifies its attacks in Ukraine.
n-tv.de Politik
1. Juni 2024 um 20:00

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The hydroelectric power plant on the Dnipro near Zaporizhzhia, damaged in a Russian missile attack, is in critical condition. The military governor of Zaporizhzhia, Ivan Fedorov, says that traffic to the right bank is restricted for residents. President Volodymyr Zelensky warns former US President Donald Trump against forcing Ukraine into a ceasefire with Russia.
n-tv.de Politik
1. Juni 2024 um 23:11

Ukraine War in Live ticker: +++ 01:15 Selenskyj looks for participants for Swiss peace summit in Singapore +++ - n-tv.de

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is promoting the participation of Southeast Asian countries in the peace summit in Switzerland at the Security Forum in Singapore. He is also attending the G7 summit. A hydropower plant on the Dnipro is in critical condition after a rocket attack.
n-tv.de Politik
1. Juni 2024 um 23:11

Ukraine war in live ticker: +++ 02:43 Russian losses in artillery: Kiev reports record month +++ - n-tv.de

The Ukrainian armed forces destroyed 1160 Russian artillery systems in May, marking a record month since Russia's invasion. Ukrainian President Selenskyj is advocating for the participation of Southeast Asian countries in the Swiss peace summit at the Security Forum in Singapore. The chairman of the Reservists Association welcomes the proposal to activate 900,000 reservists to counter the threat posed by Russia.


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