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Trump's Conviction Spurs Mixed Reactions and Market Concerns

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After being found guilty in the New York hush money trial, Donald Trump's approval ratings have plummeted in three major polls, with a majority of respondents believing in his guilt. Despite this setback, Trump's campaign boasts increased support and record-breaking fundraising.

Trump expresses discontent over his conviction, gaining support from loyalists while facing diverse reactions. The polarization continues as Trump claims innocence amidst celebrations and allegations of electoral fraud.

Experts warn of market volatility following the verdict, presenting investment opportunities. Post-conviction, Trump eyes a presidential comeback with party and financial backing, sparking a political storm with threats of legislative disruption.

Trump's willingness to accept prison time raises concerns about potential violent reactions from his supporters, with speculations about the impact on public opinion and financial markets. On the flip side, the right-wing mobilizes in anger, perceiving the trial as a plot to sway the 2024 election, with some even advocating for extreme measures.

Meanwhile, Stormy Daniels calls for Trump's incarceration, facing backlash but standing firm. Joe Biden and Democrats strategically leverage Trump's conviction for electoral advantage as early polls reflect optimism.

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13. Juni 2024 um 14:40

TRUMP token plunges 35% after Trump's guilty verdict

Former President Donald Trump was found guilty of 34 charges related to falsification of business records, leading to a 35% drop in the price of TRUMP cryptocurrency tokens. In contrast, a memecoin for President Joe Biden, called Jeo Boden, surged 20% following the news. Trump's cryptocurrency wallet holds more than $10 million in assets, including TRUMP tokens and ethereum.
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1. Juni 2024 um 15:13

Trump after conviction Few facts, much emotion

Former US President Donald Trump expresses his dissatisfaction with his conviction in the hush money case and finds support among his supporters who show solidarity. While Trump portrays himself as innocent and speaks of political persecution, some people celebrate the verdict as a success of the justice system. The mood and opinions are divided as the claims of election fraud and corruption continue to be discussed.
The Guardian
1. Juni 2024 um 22:42

Stormy Daniels says Donald Trump should be jailed after felony conviction

Stormy Daniels calls for Donald Trump to be jailed after his conviction on 34 counts of falsifying business records. She feels vindicated by the verdict and believes Trump should serve jail time and do community service. Despite facing death threats from Trump's supporters, Daniels remains determined to speak her truth.
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2. Juni 2024 um 03:40

The zero hour of Trump's revenge

After being found guilty in the Stormy Daniels case, Donald Trump feels free to move forward and seek the presidency of the United States again. Despite the accusations, Trump has the backing of his party, as well as the financial support of major donors and small contributors. However, the conviction has caused a political upheaval in the country, with the interference of Republican lawmakers and the threat to torpedo legislative activity.


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