2024-06-01 23:58:47

Boeing Starliner's Crewed Launch Faces Delay Due to Computer Error

Boeing has experienced another setback with its Starliner spacecraft as a computer glitch halted the first crewed launch minutes before lift-off. The mission to the International Space Station (ISS) was aborted to investigate an automatic hold triggered by the rocket's system.

This delay adds to the project's existing technical difficulties, causing it to fall further behind schedule. Boeing and United Launch Alliance (ULA) are currently working to determine the cause of the hold and address the issues before the next launch attempt.

The spacecraft, with astronauts Wilmore and Williams on board, aims to certify Boeing as a commercial crew operator once the technical issues are resolved. The first crewed flight of Starliner is a significant milestone, offering an alternative to SpaceX's Crew Dragon, which has been operational for years.

NASA and its partners are preparing to provide live coverage of the launch on various platforms.

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1. Juni 2024 um 10:01

Boeing will try to launch its first crew on Starliner, again

Boeing will make another attempt to launch its first crew to the International Space Station aboard a Starliner spaceship, following a previous scrubbed liftoff. The mission is set to take off from Florida on Saturday with NASA astronauts Wilmore and Williams on board, aiming to certify Boeing as a commercial crew operator. The upcoming flight aims to address technical issues and supply necessary equipment to the ISS.
Khoa học - VnExpress
1. Juni 2024 um 12:00

How is Boeing's upcoming crew spacecraft different from SpaceX's?

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft is set to carry astronauts to orbit for the first time, while SpaceX's Crew Dragon has been transporting astronauts for several years. The Starliner, developed by Boeing, will finally be launched to the International Space Station (ISS) after several delays. The article compares the features of the two spacecraft, including their design, capacity, and previous test flights.
1. Juni 2024 um 12:50

With Wilmore and Williams on board: "Starliner" spacecraft set to finally launch - n-tv.de

After several delays and launch postponements, the Boeing Starliner spacecraft is set to launch on a manned test flight to the International Space Station ISS. With NASA astronauts Barry Wilmore and Suni Williams on board, the spacecraft is scheduled to launch from the Cape Canaveral Spaceport in the U.S. state of Florida. The successful unmanned test flight of the Starliner in May 2022 was a significant milestone for the project, which is intended to serve as an alternative to SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft.
The Verge - Transpos
1. Juni 2024 um 19:18

How to watch NASA and Boeing’s first Starliner launch today

Boeing, NASA, and the United Launch Alliance are gearing up to launch the first crewed Starliner flight test today at 12:25PM ET. The mission aims to take US astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams to the International Space Station for a week of testing. The launch can be watched live on various platforms including YouTube, X, and NASA Plus.


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