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Ukraine War Developments: International Responses and Military Aid

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Recent events in the Ukraine war include Russia suggesting China host a peace conference, while Turkey aids in rebuilding the Ukrainian power grid post-Russia attacks. Germany confirms Ukraine's readiness for EU talks, despite air raid sirens sounding across Ukraine.

The USA permits limited use of US weapons in defense of Kharkiv, and Joe Biden's decision marks a policy shift. International support for Ukraine grows as Riyadh engages in peace talks and the need for stronger Western military aid becomes evident.

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n-tv.de Politik
29. Mai 2024 um 23:11

Ukraine War Live Updates: +++ 07:27 Lavrov: China could host a Ukraine peace conference +++ - n-tv.de

Russia suggests that China hosts a peace conference in the Ukraine war. The government in Beijing supports the efforts to find a solution to the Ukraine crisis. Russia and China have further strengthened their cooperation in the wake of the conflict. Turkey supports the reconstruction of the Ukrainian power grid after the Russian attacks. The German government confirms that Ukraine has met all reform requirements for EU accession talks. Air raid sirens were sounded across Ukraine after Russia launched large-scale attacks again. Russia has repelled drone attacks, and there were also attacks on the cities of Kharkiv and Nikopol. The Ukrainian President accuses Russia of trying to disrupt the planned peace summit and urges countries to stay away from the meeting. Hungary's Foreign Minister visits Belarus despite EU sanctions against the country. US Secretary of State Blinken announces millions in aid for Moldova. The USA continues to reject the use of US weapons against targets in Russia. The German military is boosting its Patriot systems to fill the gaps caused by the transfer to Ukraine.
n-tv.de Politik
30. Mai 2024 um 13:26

Riyadh has good contact with Moscow: Zelensky visits Saudi Arabia before peace summit - n-tv.de

Ukrainian President Zelensky travels to Saudi Arabia to gain support for the planned peace summit in Switzerland. Riyadh maintains good contacts with Moscow and tries to maintain a neutral position in the Ukraine conflict. The meeting on June 15 and 16 at the Bürgenstock in Lucerne aims to mobilize international support for Ukraine.
World - South China Morning Post
30. Mai 2024 um 22:45

Joe Biden lets Ukraine hit Russia with US arms to defend Kharkiv

US President Joe Biden has lifted restrictions on Ukraine using US-supplied weapons to defend the Kharkiv region against Russian forces. Biden's decision comes amid mounting pressure from Ukraine and allies to allow the use of longer-range weaponry against targets in Russia. The move is seen as a shift in policy to support Ukraine's defense capabilities in the face of Russian aggression.
30. Mai 2024 um 22:42

USA reportedly allow Ukraine to use US weapons in Russia for the defense of Kharkiv - n-tv.de

US President Biden has reportedly granted Ukraine permission to use US weapons in a limited capacity against targets on Russian territory. However, this permission is exclusively for the defense of the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. Ukraine has long been requesting to use the delivered weapons for attacks on military targets in Russia, but this has been a subject of controversy among NATO countries.
n-tv.de Politik
30. Mai 2024 um 18:30

Ukraine-Krieg im Liveticker

Die USA erlauben der Ukraine den Einsatz von US-Waffen gegen Russland, allerdings nur im Raum Charkiw. US-Präsident Joe Biden hat damit seine bisherige Politik geändert. Die Vorgabe, dass die Ukraine keine vom Land zur Verfügung gestellten Langstreckenraketen und andere Munition für Offensiven innerhalb Russlands verwenden soll, bleibt bestehen.


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