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Ukraine Permitted to Use Western Weapons Against Russian Targets

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Germany and the US have granted Ukraine permission to use Western-supplied weapons to strike military targets in Russia, specifically in defense of the Kharkiv region. This decision marks a significant policy shift and has sparked controversy and concerns about escalating the conflict.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken indicated that US weapons are having a tangible impact in Ukraine's defense against Russian aggression. President Biden has approved the use of some US-supplied weapons near the Russian border, focusing on military sites attacking Kharkiv.

Germany has also pledged a 500 million euro weapons package, including rockets, tanks, ammunition, and spare parts, with Defense Minister Pistorius hinting at the possibility of their use on Russian territory. The decision has garnered support from some NATO allies, though concerns about provoking Russia and potential escalation persist.

Russia has accused NATO and Western nations of encouraging Ukraine to prolong the conflict, warning of dire consequences. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has expressed frustration with the delay in US sanctioning the use of long-range weapons against Russia and emphasized the need for powerful weapons to hit deep Russian territory.

The situation in Ukraine remains tense, with a rise in casualties and the advance of Russian forces, leading to calls for stronger military assistance from the West.

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31. Mai 2024 um 13:32

Ukraine given NATO go-ahead to hit targets in Russian territory with US, German weapons

Germany and the US publicly support Ukraine's use of their weapons to target military sites in Russian territory, breaking a long-standing taboo. Ukraine is now allowed to strike legitimate targets in Russia with Western-supplied weapons as a form of self-defence, following escalating tensions and a new front opened by Russia.
World news | The Guardian
31. Mai 2024 um 14:23

Moscow decries US move to allow its weapons to be used on targets in Russia

The Kremlin has criticized the US decision to allow Ukraine to use US-supplied weapons against targets in Russia, calling it a deep involvement in the conflict. Russian allies have increased their nuclear threats against the West in response. Western allies, including Germany, France, and the Netherlands, have approved the use of their weapons by Ukraine, while Russia has warned of serious consequences.
n-tv.de Politik
31. Mai 2024 um 16:51

Western Weapons Targeting Russia: What Does the Decision Mean for the Battlefield? - n-tv.de

The decision by Western countries to allow Ukraine to use weapons in and over Russia could strengthen their combat capabilities against Russian troops. Ukraine could target Russian command structures, logistics nodes, and missile sites. However, not all weapons and areas are covered by the permission yet, and there are uncertainties regarding the type of weapon systems and the extent of the permission.
31. Mai 2024 um 13:31

Using Western Weapons against Russia: Six Reasons why the Decision is Right - n-tv.de

Ukraine is granted permission to use weapons from the US and Germany for attacks on Russia. This decision is considered the right course of action for six reasons: the situation in Kharkiv, the strategic interest, the strengthening of Ukraine through Western weapon aid, compliance with international law, the Ukraine's existing weapons, and the need to confront Putin. It is emphasized that this permission should not be seen as escalation but as appropriate defense.


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