2024-05-31 11:46:32

Boeing Submits Plan to Address Quality-Control Issues to FAA

Boeing executives have presented a detailed plan to the Federal Aviation Administration aimed at enhancing quality and safety protocols after recent incidents. The plan involves six Key Performance Indicators for real-time production monitoring and emphasizes the identification of uncertainties and risk management.

Boeing is committed to implementing systemic changes, including enhanced staff training, to ensure long-term safety and quality standards amidst ongoing FAA performance reviews.

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New York Times - U.S.
30. Mai 2024 um 20:27

Boeing Gives F.A.A. Plan to Address Systemic Quality-Control Issues

Boeing executives submitted a plan to the Federal Aviation Administration to improve quality and safety, addressing systemic issues following recent incidents. The plan includes comprehensive action steps and ongoing meetings with the FAA for performance reviews and progress updates. Boeing has committed to implementing necessary changes to ensure long-term safety and quality standards.
Wirtschaft und Börsen-Nachrichten
31. Mai 2024 um 05:41

After a series of breakdowns Boeing presents plan for quality assurance

The US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has submitted an action plan to the US aviation authority FAA to improve quality controls after coming under pressure. The plan includes six Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor production in real-time. Boeing has committed to identifying uncertainties, improving risk management, and intensifying staff training.
The Guardian
31. Mai 2024 um 14:29

Boeing production cap extended as regulator steps up safety checks

Boeing continues to face production caps and increased safety inspections following a meeting with the US aviation regulator, FAA. The company must address systemic quality-control issues and strengthen its safety management system, with the FAA conducting weekly reviews of performance metrics.
n-tv.de Wirtschaft
31. Mai 2024 um 07:43

US authority forces action: Boeing presents action plan after crisis of breakdowns - n-tv.de

After the crisis of breakdowns, Boeing presents an action plan following reports from whistleblowers and employees about deficiencies at the aircraft manufacturer. The US aviation authority FAA has demanded the plan to reduce safety issues. The action plan includes, among other things, better training of personnel, increased monitoring of suppliers, and improved communication with all parties involved.
Spiegel Wirtschaft
31. Mai 2024 um 06:35

Boeing schickt US-Luftfahrtaufsicht einen Plan zu mehr Qualitätssicherung - DER SPIEGEL

Boeing hat der Luftfahrtaufsicht FAA einen Aktionsplan für bessere Qualitätskontrollen vorgelegt. Der Plan umfasst sechs Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), um die Produktion in Echtzeit zu überwachen. Der Hersteller verpflichtet sich zu einem systematischen Ansatz zur Identifizierung von Unsicherheiten und zum Risikomanagement.


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