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Volkswagen's Ambitious Ten-Year Plan: Targeting Affordable Electric Cars

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Volkswagen has unveiled a comprehensive strategy until 2035, with a key focus on expanding into e-mobility and introducing a new electric car priced at around 20,000 euros by 2027. Despite concerns from investors about meeting EU CO2 targets, VW aims to strengthen its electric vehicle lineup to compete in the market.

The company plans to independently develop a cost-effective electric model, emphasizing its commitment to European production. CEO Blume highlights the urgency in accelerating the development of the 'VW ID.1' electric car to secure a position in the entry-level electric segment and calls for government support in driving electromobility forward.

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Spiegel Wirtschaft
29. Mai 2024 um 12:06

E-car for 20,000 euros: Volkswagen's late attack - DER SPIEGEL

Volkswagen plans to launch an affordable electric car called ID.1 in 2027 to keep up with the competition. Despite the time pressure and faster competitors, VW's project carries a great opportunity.
Wirtschaft und Börsen-Nachrichten
29. Mai 2024 um 16:50

Annual General Meeting VW plans to build a 20,000-euro electric car without a partner

At its annual general meeting, VW presented plans to build a small electric car without a partner. The company plans to produce an electric car priced at around 20,000 euros from 2027 onwards. VW CEO Blume emphasized that this is a commitment to the European location.
Heise News Wirtschaft
29. Mai 2024 um 13:12

Electric car "VW ID.1" for 20,000 euros: VW CEO Blume wants to speed up development | heise Autos

Volkswagen is planning to accelerate the development of an entry-level electric model priced at 20,000 euros to establish a foothold in the electric entry segment. The development time for the model, with the working title 'VW ID.1', is set to be significantly reduced to 36 months. CEO Blume emphasizes the importance of electromobility for the future of the automotive industry and calls for more support from the government.
n-tv.de Wirtschaft
29. Mai 2024 um 16:55

"North Star for Action": VW announces ten-year plan - Cheap electric cars will be built abroad - n-tv.de

Volkswagen has announced that it will present its strategy until 2035 by the end of the year. The car manufacturer is focusing its investments on e-mobility and plans to bring another electric car to the market by 2027 in the price range of around 20,000 euros. Some investors expressed concerns that it could be difficult to significantly increase the electric share to comply with the EU's CO2 targets.


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