2024-05-27 23:57:46

Escalating Tensions: US Threat of Striking Russian Targets in Ukraine Sparks Nuclear War Concerns

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Poland's foreign minister asserts the US warned Russia of potential strikes on Russian targets in Ukraine if nuclear weapons were employed, intensifying fears of nuclear conflict. Former Russian President Medvedev cautioned that such actions could trigger World War III.

Amid the ongoing conflict, Russia's President Putin has repeatedly alluded to the use of nuclear weapons since the invasion of Ukraine in 2022, raising global apprehensions. The Kremlin condemned NATO's suggestion for Ukraine to utilize Western arms against Russia, emphasizing escalating tensions and the risk of direct confrontation, as the situation between Russia and Ukraine remains volatile.

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Thế giới - VnExpress
27. Mai 2024 um 11:45

Mr. Medvedev: World War III will break out if the US attacks Russian targets in Ukraine

Russian Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev has warned that World War III could erupt if the US attacks Russian targets in Ukraine. Medvedev refuted statements made by Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski, who claimed that the US had threatened to attack Russian targets with conventional weapons in Ukraine. Tensions between Russia and Poland have escalated since the conflict in Ukraine began in February 2022.
27. Mai 2024 um 14:20

The Brief – A nuclear blast that would kill nobody?

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there have been frequent warnings of nuclear conflict from senior Russian politicians. Russia distinguishes between tactical and strategic nuclear weapons, with tactical weapons having a lower explosive yield. The use of nuclear threats may be a way for Russia to reassure itself that it cannot lose the war in Ukraine.
Yahoo News
27. Mai 2024 um 13:04

Kremlin condemns NATO boss's appeal for Ukraine to use Western arms in Russia

The Kremlin criticized NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg for suggesting that Ukraine should use Western weapons to strike deep into Russia. The Kremlin stated that NATO's actions were escalating tensions and could lead to a direct confrontation with Russia. Russian officials view Ukrainian attacks on Russia as directly escalatory.
Yahoo News
27. Mai 2024 um 10:10

Polish official claims the US told Russia it would strike Russian targets in Ukraine if Putin used nuclear weapons

Poland's foreign minister claims the US warned Russia of striking Russian targets in Ukraine if nuclear weapons were used. Former Russian President warned that such strikes would lead to a world war. Russia's President Putin has consistently threatened to use nuclear weapons since the invasion of Ukraine in 2022.


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