2024-05-25 19:58:23

Concerns Rise Over Google's AI Search Feature Inaccuracy

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Google's new AI search feature, AI Overview, has been causing a stir online due to its provision of inaccurate and potentially harmful information. The backlash highlights Google's challenges in integrating AI safely into its services and its history of teething problems with new AI functionalities.

Users have criticized the AI for generating erroneous summaries, especially regarding medical queries, leading to queries being disabled. Concerns have also been raised about the legality of using Reddit content in AI responses and the overall reliability of Google's AI-powered search tools.

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25. Mai 2024 um 12:36

For some reason, Google lets AI "answer" medical questions in "Search"

Google's new 'AI Overviews' feature in Search is delivering inaccurate and potentially harmful information, causing concerns among users. Examples have emerged of the AI providing wrong or nonsensical answers, and even promoting unsafe practices. The inclusion of Reddit content in the AI answers, through a recent deal with the platform, raises legal implications around licensing and copyright issues.
New York Times - Technology
25. Mai 2024 um 03:10

Google’s A.I. Search Errors Cause a Furor Online

Google's new AI search feature, AI Overview, has been generating inaccurate information, causing a backlash online and undermining trust in the search engine. This incident reflects Google's struggle to safely incorporate AI into its products and its history of initial issues with new AI features.
Số hóa - VnExpress
25. Mai 2024 um 08:00

Google AI Continuously Provides Wrong Answers

Google's AI model Gemini has been found to provide wrong answers in multiple instances. Users have reported cases where Gemini gave incorrect information, such as suggesting the addition of non-toxic glue to improve cheese stickiness or claiming that dogs can give birth to cows. These errors raise concerns about the lack of accuracy and reliability of Google's AI-powered search products.
Cointelegraph.com News
25. Mai 2024 um 16:34

Google blames users for wildly inaccurate ‘AI Overview’ outputs

Google's 'AI Overview' feature is generating inaccurate and potentially harmful summaries in response to user searches, leading to queries being disabled. The blame for the issues is being placed on users, with Google struggling to address the problem effectively.


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