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Security Breach in the EU Parliament: Employee Data Compromised

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A significant security breach occurred in the EU Parliament, exposing personal data of employees, including sensitive information like criminal records and passports. The breach affected thousands of current and former staff members, triggering investigations by cybersecurity experts, the EU Data Protection Supervisor, and local authorities.

Speculations point to a potential Russian cyberattack, leading to concerns over the safety of individuals linked to the compromised data. In response, measures such as deactivating the affected application and urging password resets were promptly implemented to contain the breach.

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23. Mai 2024 um 13:09

Data leak in the EU Parliament: Sensitive information of employees compromised

There was a data leak in the European Parliament, where personal data of employees such as ID cards and criminal record extracts were compromised. The affected application was deactivated, and employees were asked to reset their passwords. It is being investigated whether it was a hacker attack or another security breach.
24. Mai 2024 um 11:41

Details revealed of EU Parliament data breach, new European Tech Deal proposed

Personal data of European Parliament employees, including identity cards and passports, were compromised in a data breach at the start of 2024. France and Germany propose a European Tech Deal to accelerate digitalization and support EU's digital rules. Other news includes Microsoft facing pressure over generative AI risks, French initiatives to boost artificial intelligence, and OpenAI signing an agreement with News Corp for content partnership.
Spiegel Politik
24. Mai 2024 um 14:16

Spying: Suspected Russian Cyberattack in the EU Parliament - DER SPIEGEL

There was a major data leak in the EU Parliament through a hacked personnel app, possibly caused by a Russian cyberattack. Thousands of individuals could be affected as the app was used by EU parliamentarians and applicants. Cybersecurity experts and the Luxembourg police are investigating the incident, and stolen data records were allegedly leaked on channels of the messaging service Telegram.
Heise IT News
24. Mai 2024 um 15:47

Data breach in the EU Parliament: Leak includes criminal records and passports | heise online

There has been a massive data breach in the EU Parliament, compromising personal data of up to 9000 current and former staff of members of the European Parliament. Sensitive information such as criminal record extracts, medical records, and work certificates were stolen, as well as data from identity cards and passports. The exact cause of the data breach is still unclear, and both the EU Data Protection Supervisor Wojciech Wiewiórowski and the police are investigating the case.


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