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German Support and Ukrainian Defense: Updates on Iris-T Systems and Military Operations

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Ukraine receives additional Iris-T air defense systems from Germany to counter Russian air attacks, enhancing their defense capabilities. Despite the effectiveness of these systems, there is a concern over the shortage of ammunition.

Meanwhile, efforts to acquire Patriot missile systems face challenges, as Western allies hesitate due to cost and alternative defense options. Ukrainian armed forces are employing Atacms missiles to inflict heavy damage on Russian forces, prompting strategic discussions.

Additionally, Russian jamming attacks obstruct the deployment of high-tech GLSDB ammunition from the USA, showcasing the ongoing technological warfare in the conflict.

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Spiegel Politik
24. Mai 2024 um 15:55

Ukraine war: Another German Iris-T system arrives in Ukraine - DER SPIEGEL

Ukraine continues to receive support from Germany in the form of Iris-T air defense systems. These have proven effective in protecting against Russian air attacks. However, there is also a shortage of ammunition for these systems.
n-tv.de Politik
24. Mai 2024 um 16:47

For the Fight against Air Strikes: Berlin delivers another IRIS-T system to Ukraine - n-tv.de

Germany is delivering another IRIS-T air defense system to Ukraine to support them against air attacks with Russian missiles and drones. Ukraine has received a total of five air defense systems from German production to better defend itself against the attacks.
Thế giới - VnExpress
24. Mai 2024 um 09:42

Germany Struggles to Find Patriot Missiles for Ukraine

Germany is struggling to find a solution for providing Patriot missile systems to Ukraine, as there has been little response from allies. The German Ministry of Defense announced that more than 12 NATO member countries have expressed support and planned to participate in the initiative to purchase air defense systems for Ukraine, but anonymous sources revealed that no country is willing to transfer complete Patriot systems as proposed by Germany. The reluctance of Western countries to provide Patriots to Ukraine is due to high costs and the lack of alternative defense capabilities.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
24. Mai 2024 um 12:01

Ukraine War: How the Atacms Missiles Inflict Heavy Damage on Russia - DER SPIEGEL

The Ukrainian armed forces are inflicting heavy damage on the Russians with attacks far behind the front, which will lead to discussions.


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