2024-05-23 09:06:01

OpenAI's Groundbreaking Deal with News Corp Set to Reshape AI Training and Journalism Landscape

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OpenAI has secured a significant agreement with News Corp, permitting access to a range of news outlets for AI training, potentially worth $250 million over five years. The partnership with News Corp, which excludes other businesses under the corporation, aims to elevate standards in the digital era.

This collaboration will empower OpenAI to utilize content from prominent publications like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post to enhance AI models and provide users with comprehensive information. The strategic alliance between OpenAI and News Corp underscores the increasing intersection of AI technology and journalism, raising questions about media diversity and the evolving role of AI in the news industry.

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New York Times - Business
22. Mai 2024 um 21:41

OpenAI Strikes a Deal to License News Corp Content

News Corp has reached a deal with OpenAI to license its content for training AI chatbots, excluding content from other News Corp businesses. The agreement aims to set new standards in the digital age, with financial terms undisclosed but potentially worth $250 million over five years.
The Verge - All Posts
22. Mai 2024 um 21:19

OpenAI’s News Corp deal licenses content from WSJ, New York Post, and more

OpenAI has signed a historic multi-year agreement with News Corp, granting access to archives of major news outlets for content and AI training data. The deal could be worth over $250 million in the next five years. OpenAI will utilize the agreement to train its AI models and answer user questions using News Corp publications.
The Guardian
22. Mai 2024 um 21:39

OpenAI and Wall Street Journal owner News Corp sign content deal

OpenAI has signed a content deal with News Corp, allowing access to news content from various publications like the Wall Street Journal. The deal comes after similar agreements with other media companies like the Financial Times and Axel Springer. The partnership aims to enhance users' access to high-quality journalism through AI technology.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
23. Mai 2024 um 02:32

Media Collaboration: ChatGPT and Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Strike Deal - DER SPIEGEL

ChatGPT and Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. have struck a deal to access current articles and archive materials. The agreement also includes collaboration with Axel Springer. ChatGPT users worldwide are set to receive summaries of selected news content, and OpenAI's language models are to be trained with the contents of media brands.


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