2024-05-23 20:03:36

Euclid Space Telescope Unveils Mysteries of the Universe

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The Euclid space telescope, operated by the European Space Agency, is making significant scientific discoveries by capturing images of distant galaxies, rogue planets, and massive galaxy clusters. By exploring dark matter and dark energy, Euclid aims to build a comprehensive 3D map of the universe, shedding light on the cosmic history and evolution of star populations.

Recent images released by Euclid, such as those of the Messier 78 nebula and the Abell 2390 galaxy cluster, demonstrate its potential to revolutionize our understanding of the dark cosmos and the accelerated expansion of the universe.

The telescope's innovative approach offers valuable insights into planet formation, distribution, and the cosmic light present in the dark universe, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics.

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New York Times - Europe
23. Mai 2024 um 11:06

Scanning the Dark Universe, Euclid Finds Scenes of Cosmic Light

Euclid, a space telescope mission, has captured images revealing the cosmic light in the dark universe. The findings shed light on the mysterious aspects of the universe.
Astronomy News - Space News, Exploration News, Earth Science News, Earth Science
23. Mai 2024 um 10:00

Scientists reveal first data from Euclid telescope, offering snapshot of cosmic history

Scientists have released the first set of scientific data captured with the Euclid telescope, offering a glimpse into the universe's distant past. The telescope, part of the Dark Energy Satellite Mission, aims to map the dark universe and unlock mysteries of dark matter and dark energy. The early observations include never-before-seen images of the universe and new discoveries such as free-floating newborn planets and newly identified extragalactic star clusters.
World news | The Guardian
23. Mai 2024 um 10:00

Euclid telescope spies rogue planets floating free in Milky Way

Astronomers using the Euclid telescope have discovered numerous rogue planets floating freely in the Milky Way, including ones in the Orion nebula, providing valuable insights into planet formation and distribution. The Euclid mission aims to create a 3D map of the universe to better understand dark matter and dark energy, which make up the majority of the cosmos. The initial observations have already revealed new star clusters, dwarf galaxies, and ancient galaxies, offering a glimpse into the universe's mysteries.
Wissenschaft und Forschung
23. Mai 2024 um 10:02

ESA Telescope Euclid: The Latest Images from Space

The space telescope Euclid has released new images that will help explore Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the universe. The photos include the reflection nebula Messier 78 and the galaxy cluster Abell 2390. Euclid is expected to lay the foundation for a comprehensive 3D map of the universe, enabling scientists to study the evolution of star populations and Dark Matter.
EL PAÍS: el periódico global
23. Mai 2024 um 10:00

El telescopio ‘Euclid’ celebra sus primeros descubrimientos científicos con deslumbrantes imágenes

La Agencia Espacial Europea presenta las nuevas imágenes del telescopio Euclid, que revelan nuevas propiedades físicas del universo y muestran su capacidad para fotografiar grandes estructuras como galaxias y cúmulos de galaxias. Euclid tiene como objetivo descubrir los secretos del cosmos oscuro y entender cómo y por qué el universo se expande cada vez más rápido. Las imágenes reveladas son solo una pequeña muestra de lo que el telescopio podrá lograr en los próximos años, creando el mapa 3D más extenso del universo hasta la fecha.


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