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2024-05-18 00:02:57

Putin Strengthens Commercial Ties with China in 'Little Moscow'

Image used under license from Shutterstock.com.

Russian President Vladimir Putin focuses on deepening commercial ties with China during his visit to the province of Heilongjiang, emphasizing strategic alliances in the energy sector and growing trade exchanges between the two nations. The trip includes participation in events like the Russian-Chinese Expo and Interregional Cooperation Forum, showcasing economic cooperation.

Despite Western pressure, Putin's visit underscores the increasing military and economic cooperation between Russia and China, with discussions on infrastructure and border facilities for enhanced trade prospects. The summit between Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping aims to navigate complex geopolitical dynamics, with Putin seeking support for Ukraine and Xi aiming to strengthen their strategic partnership while balancing relations with the West.

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EL PAÍS: el periódico global
17. Mai 2024 um 12:32

Putin seeks to deepen commercial ties with Beijing in China's 'little Moscow'

Russian President Vladimir Putin seeks to strengthen commercial ties with China during his official visit to the Asian giant. On the second day of his trip, Putin visited the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, bordering Russia and with a strong Russian influence. During his visit, Putin highlighted the strategic alliance in the energy sector and the growth of commercial exchanges between the two countries.
EL PAÍS in English
17. Mai 2024 um 18:33

Putin seeks to deepen trade ties with Beijing in China’s ‘little Moscow’

Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to the province of Heilongjiang in China to deepen trade ties and cultural connections. He visited the capital, Harbin, and participated in the opening of the 8th Russian-Chinese Expo and the 4th Russian-Chinese Interregional Cooperation Forum. Putin praised the growing economic cooperation between Russia and China, particularly in the energy sector, and highlighted the trade figures that exceeded $240 billion in 2023.
China - South China Morning Post
17. Mai 2024 um 13:46

Vladimir Putin in push for stronger trade ties during visit to China’s northeast | South China Morning Post

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Harbin in northeast China to push for stronger trade ties and infrastructure cooperation in Russia's Far East as part of his 'pivot to the East' strategy. The discussions included proposals for trilateral talks with North Korea and efforts to upgrade border facilities for improved cross-border trade.
New York Times - Asia Pacific
17. Mai 2024 um 16:10

Putin’s China Visit Highlights Military Ties That Worry the West

President Vladimir V. Putin's visit to China emphasized the growing economic and military ties between the two countries despite Western pressure. The trip aimed to showcase powerful friendships amidst escalating tensions with the West, with both leaders demonstrating a strategic alignment against Western influence.


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