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2024-05-17 15:14:54

U.S. Military's Temporary Pier in Gaza Provides Vital Humanitarian Aid Amid Israel-Gaza Conflict

Image used under license from Shutterstock.com.

The U.S. military has swiftly installed a temporary pier off Gaza's coast to facilitate the crucial entry of humanitarian aid into the territory, where shortages of food and medicine persist. Trucks are set to transport aid from the floating pier to Gaza, providing relief amidst Israeli restrictions and ongoing conflict.

The pier project, not a substitute for land deliveries, aims to process up to 150 truckloads daily, ensuring vital supplies reach the Palestinian population. This humanitarian effort comes as the USA addresses the urgent need for aid in Gaza, emphasizing the importance of international assistance during the conflict.

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New York Times - Middle East
16. Mai 2024 um 23:06

U.S. Military Installs Temporary Pier in Gaza for Humanitarian Aid

The U.S. military has installed a temporary pier on Gaza's coast to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid, aiming to address the severe shortages of food, medicine, and other basic needs in the territory. Trucks will soon begin transporting aid ashore from the floating pier. The U.S. military, in cooperation with humanitarian groups, will load trucks from the pier and send them into Gaza as part of a test of the aid distribution process.
News - South China Morning Post
17. Mai 2024 um 07:41

Israel-Gaza war: US military says first aid shipment delivered via floating pier

Trucks carrying aid for the Gaza Strip have crossed a newly built US floating pier into the enclave for the first time, as Israeli restrictions and heavy fighting have hindered the delivery of supplies. The shipment is part of an ongoing operation that could scale up to 150 truckloads per day. However, the pier project is not considered a substitute for land deliveries, which are needed to bring in all the necessary food, water, and fuel for Gaza.
Deutsche Welle: DW.com - Nachrichten
17. Mai 2024 um 13:10

Gaza Strip: First Relief Supplies Reach Makeshift Pier

On Thursday, a floating dock was anchored off the coast of the Gaza Strip by the US military. Now, the first trucks carrying relief supplies have driven over the makeshift pier to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinian civilian population. The dock is intended to serve as a hub for the delivery of relief supplies and prevent a famine in the Gaza Strip.
Spiegel Topmeldungen
17. Mai 2024 um 08:05

Israel-Gaza Conflict: Aid delivered to Gaza for the first time via makeshift US pier - DER SPIEGEL

The Israel-Gaza conflict has led to a humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. The USA has set up a makeshift pier off the coast to deliver aid to the Gaza Strip. Up to 150 truckloads are planned to be transported daily via the pier and distributed by aid organizations.


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