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2024-05-17 09:07:02

Spain Denies Port of Call to Ship Carrying Arms to Israel

Image used under license from Shutterstock.com.

Spain recently denied a cargo ship carrying arms to Israel, the Marianne Danica, from docking at the port of Cartagena, citing peace in the Middle East as a primary concern. This action follows the government's refusal to allow another ship, the Borkum, suspected of transporting military material for Israel, to make a stop in Spain.

Foreign Minister Albares has warned that Spain will not permit any ships carrying weapons for Israel to enter its ports in the future. Left-wing parties in Spain, such as Sumar and Podemos, are actively condemning and pressuring the government to halt alleged arms shipments to Israel, expressing worries about supporting Israel's actions in Gaza.

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World news | The Guardian
16. Mai 2024 um 20:52

Spain denies port of call to ship carrying arms to Israel

Spain denied permission for a ship carrying arms to Israel to dock at a Spanish port for the first time, citing the need for peace in the Middle East. The ship, Marianne Danica, carrying explosive material from India to Israel, was not allowed to call at the port of Cartagena.
EL PAÍS: el periódico global
17. Mai 2024 um 06:14

The Government denies scale to a ship loaded with explosives destined for Israel

The Spanish Government has denied permission for a ship loaded with explosives destined for Israel to make a stopover in Spain. The ship in question, named Marianne Danica, had requested permission to make a stop in the port of Cartagena, but it has been denied. This action comes amid controversy generated by the stop in Cartagena of another ship, the Borkum, which, according to pro-Palestinian associations, is transporting military material for the Israeli Army.
EL PAÍS: el periódico global
17. Mai 2024 um 13:05

The suspicious ship carrying weapons to Israel refuses to make a stop in Spain despite having permission

The cargo ship Borkum, accused of carrying weapons to Israel, has decided not to stop at the port of Cartagena (Murcia) despite having all the necessary permits. The final destination of the ship's cargo would be the Czech Republic. This decision comes after the government denied permission for another ship loaded with explosives destined for Israel to stop in Spain.
n-tv.de Politik
17. Mai 2024 um 06:19

Weapons loaded for Israel: Spain denies entry to freighter bound for Israel - n-tv.de

Spain denies entry to a freighter carrying weapons for Israel. Foreign Minister Albares threatens that no ship carrying weapons for Israel will be allowed to dock in Spain in the future.


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