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Israel's Response to South Africa's ICJ Appeal Amid Gaza Conflict

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Israel is expected to react to South Africa's request to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to halt the assault on Rafah and allow international access. The ongoing war between Israel and Gaza has led to a significant death toll among Palestinians, prompting concerns about humanitarian aid delivery.

Despite warnings of a potential famine in Gaza, Israel is sending additional troops to Rafah, indicating a deepening incursion. International pressure, including from 13 foreign ministers, is mounting on Israel to avoid a major offensive in the area.

Meanwhile, the US military has initiated aid deliveries through a floating pier, aiming to alleviate Gaza's humanitarian crisis amid the conflict.

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Southeast Asia - South China Morning Post
16. Mai 2024 um 22:02

Israel army says two Thai hostages held in Gaza are dead | South China Morning Post

The Israeli army confirmed that two Thai hostages in Gaza were killed in an attack on October 7 and their bodies are being held by Hamas. The Hostages and Missing Families Forum called for an international response to the crisis, emphasizing that it goes beyond being an Israeli issue. The attack by Hamas on southern Israel led to casualties on both sides, with significant civilian deaths reported.
New York Times - Middle East
17. Mai 2024 um 01:25

Israel Sending More Troops to Rafah Amid Warnings of Famine in Gaza

Israel announced sending more troops to Rafah, the southernmost city in Gaza, amidst ongoing conflict with Hamas. The move indicates Israel's intention to deepen its incursion into Rafah, despite concerns about civilian safety and international warnings of a potential famine in Gaza.
World news | The Guardian
17. Mai 2024 um 14:02

Israel-Gaza war: Israel to respond after South Africa urges ICJ to order halt to Rafah offensive

Israel is expected to respond to South Africa's request to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for an order to halt its assault on Rafah and allow international investigators and journalists into Gaza. The war between Israel and Gaza has resulted in the deaths of at least 35,272 Palestinians since October 7. The US military has completed the installation of a floating pier to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, and the delivery is expected to begin within the next 24-48 hours.
Internationale Nachrichten aus aller Welt
17. Mai 2024 um 14:04

Middle East War ++ 13 Foreign Ministers Warn Against Rafah Offensive ++

The foreign ministers of 13 countries, including Germany, have warned Israel against a major offensive in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. Spain has denied permission for a ship carrying weapons for Israel to dock in a Spanish port. The FIFA Congress did not vote on the expulsion of the Israeli association.


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