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2024-05-17 09:03:22

Georgia and Moldova: Referendums and Elections Shaping EU Relations

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The upcoming parliamentary elections in Georgia and the referendum on EU membership in Moldova are central to the countries' relationships with the EU. Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili sees the elections as a referendum on Georgia's EU course and warns against a controversial spy law that could strain Western ties.

In Moldova, President Maia Sandu views the referendum on EU membership as crucial for sovereignty, while facing opposition preferring closer ties with Russia. Both countries are at a crossroads, with the outcomes potentially reshaping their alliances with the West.

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17. Mai 2024 um 06:51

Georgia's President: Upcoming elections are a 'Referendum' on EU course

Georgia's president sees the upcoming parliamentary elections in October as a referendum on the country's future and its relationship with the EU. She warns against a controversial spy law that could alter the country's relations with Western partners and friends. The EU has already stated that the law will make Georgia's path to the EU more difficult.
17. Mai 2024 um 05:24

Georgian President warns: 'Agent Law' fundamentally changes relationship with the West

The controversial law on 'foreign agents' in Georgia fundamentally affects the country's relations with its Western partners. Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili calls on the EU to use the upcoming elections as a basis for a reassessment of relations with Georgia. The law aims to intimidate non-governmental organizations, considering them as agents of subversion and revolution.
17. Mai 2024 um 04:34

Moldova to hold EU referendum, presidential election on 20 October

Moldova's parliament voted to hold a referendum on EU membership and a presidential election on 20 October. President Maia Sandu views Russia and corruption as major threats to Moldova's sovereignty. The referendum aims to gauge citizens' views on European integration.
17. Mai 2024 um 06:01

Republic of Moldova: EU Referendum and Presidential Election on October 20

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova has decided to hold a referendum on EU accession on October 20. President Maia Sandu supports the EU accession and considers Russia and corruption as threats to the sovereignty of her country. The pro-Russian opposition party is against a rapid European integration and calls for an improvement of relations with Russia.


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